It is my belief that each and every college student truly does need a night away from the classroom and completely free of books. That should also be an opportunity to renew ones mental energy and just have one heck of a good time. That time should also be shared with friends and/or family members, who together can partake in a most joyful experience.

As a college student myself, while living within that marvelous City of Chicago, Illinois, I remember well those many nights when I placed my books upon the shelf, as I looked forward to a night out on the town with those whom I considered to be my friends.

It doesn’t matter where in the city that you call your home. Within a very short time you can go to nearly any fun filled place for yet another enjoyable experience. What’s your pleasure? Yes, that’s a question that only you can answer, but I can certainly tell you what I did to entertain myself, knowing full well that I would soon be taking my books from that shelf.

Never did I get falling down drunk, even when I was old enough to survive the consequences of winning a drinking contest. As a matter of fact, the consumption of huge quantities of booze truly isn’t the true measure of any man and of how I intended to live my life after I graduated from the University of Illinois. Then again, if drinking hard liquor is your desire there are, within the City of Chicago, hundreds of bars.

Do you like to dance? Within minutes you can be wearing out your shoes on one of the dance floors you will find within the dozen or more up-scale night clubs that are located throughout the city. The Holiday Ballroom was my favorite place to go nearly every Sunday night, in spite of the fact that I had to wear a suit and a tie.

My muscular body, with very broad shoulders among other things, contains within it a truly kind heart. The ladies thought that I was one really great guy, but today I am nothing more than a really old fart. You better believe that I had many a romantic time, as I recall each joyful night, while sitting here and doing nothing more than type. Oh! Did I just sigh? Those long gone nights filled with romantic delights, cause tears of joy to flow from both eyes.

A happy time once in a while truly does make my life worth living, but now I’m most concerned about where I’ll next dine. I long for the time when fine dining to me meant the consumption of a real Chicago Style hot dog with all of the trimmings, with a bag full of French fries at its side.

And nothing would please me more than a pizza that was made by a real Italian, no matter which part of Italy that that person came from. For those two things, I would spend all of my money, even if that meant that I would, poetically speaking, become a bum.

The City of Chicago, Illinois is the place where I was born. For whatever you desire, just seek and you shall find. It is the place where any kind of person can have a really great time, while in the process of having a whole lot of fun.