Chicago Illinois

A trip to one or more of the many points of interest within the City of Chicago, Illinois is more than just a place to go. A day trip to a point of interest in Chicago is most likely an educational experience.

Then again, you can simply have fun doing one or more enjoyable activities. How much fun you have depends upon you. For example, you can go to one of the Lake Michigan beaches that are open to the public. One popular beach is the 12th Street Beach located next to Meggs Field and near the Adler Planetarium. A CTA bus takes you right to the front door, which happens to be the end of the line on that particular bus route.

From that point it is about a block walk to the beach. There is a boat house there where you can purchase a drink and something to eat. There is an area in the boat house where you can change into or out of your swim suit, a lifeguard station and a place where you can sit and eat a meal. There is also a lifeguard in a rowboat off shore to prevent people from swimming too far away from the shore and also to come to the aid of people who need help.

Another popular beach in Chicago is the North Avenue Beach that also has a beach house with similar facilities. Either beach provides a great deal of fun in the Sun during the Summer season where a visitor can get a sun tan and cool off at the same time.

Other popular points of interest include the Natural History Museum, the Museum of Science and Industry, the Chicago Historical Society, the Art Institute, the Adler Planetarium, the Chicago Public Library and the Lincoln Park Zoo. The use of the Chicago Transit Authority vehicles is the best way in which to travel to these educational points of interest. Each of them can easily be reached by bus, elevated train or subway train.

If you like to shop the best department stores are located in the Chicago Loop, aka Downtown Chicago. Beside the many buildings where people work, many department stores are within walking distance of each other. You can spend an entire day just window shopping or buying products sold by some of the best department stores on Earth.

For those of you who enjoy fine dining there are many excellent restaurants in Chicago. Within each fine dining restaurant you could spend as little as twenty dollars or spend several hundred dollars for your fining experience.

You can view a movie at one of the many movie theaters that are located throughout the city or enjoy a night out at the opera or band concert. You can purchase a season’s ticket to the Civic Opera House where live performers perform the most popular operas. You can also enjoy a concert performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra or enjoy a ballet performed by the Chicago Ballet Company.

People who enjoy sports contests can go to a Chicago Bears football game at the Memorial Stadium or go to a basketball game, or go to a hockey game in the United Stadium. You can also see a baseball game at Wrigley Field or the new Comiskey Park.

Believe it or not, there are a few cities within the City of Chicago. They are “Little Korea” and “China Town.”

If you have not already guessed, there is something for everyone within the City of Chicago, aka “The City that works.” It is an excellent place to visit for several kinds of day trips that can add up to a fun one or two week vacation for you and your family.