Best Breakfasts in Chicago

There are a few things you want in a good breakfast. Fresh, perfectly cooked food is a must. You don’t want shriveled eggs that have been sat under a heat-lamp, or soggy sausages marinaded in their own fat.

Luckily, America is the land of good breakfasts, and Chicago definitely doesn’t disappoint. Whether you’re after pancakes or a full fry-up, Chicago is home to some of the most excellent breakfast restaurants around. So set your alarm, and sleep well, knowing you’re headed to one of the following establishments the next day!

Lou Mitchell’s

565 W Jackson Blvd Chicago IL 60661

tel: 312-939-3111

Opening at 5.30am, this is one for the early birds. The moment you walk in you’re presented with hot doughnut holes or a box of milk-duds, and an extensive menu. Everything is cooked to order, piping hot, and sometimes still in the skillet upon serving. You’re at no risk of suffering a poor meal, and the staff are friendly and fun.

There’s a reason this place has been used by presidents and celebrities alike – it’s quality food, great service, and lots of choice. What else could you possibly want?

Manny’s Cafe and Deli

1141 S Jefferson Chicago IL 60607

tel: 312-939-2855

If you fancy something a bit different for breakfast, or you need to start your feast at 5am, then head towards Manny’s Cafe and Deli. A cozy atmosphere, and stunning food – corned beef sandwiches are what they are famous for, but for breakfast try anything from the potato pancakes to the corned beef omelet. You won’t be disappointed, and you definitely won’t be leaving hungry.

Ann Sathers

929 W Belmont Ave Chicago IL 60657

tel: 773-348-2378

In the mood for cinnamon rolls? Then you want Ann Sathers. It opens at 7am, and it can be crowded – the food is deservedly famous, and lots of people want to eat there! Avoid it at weekends, but definitely make a point to visit during the week – for the Swedish pancakes alone. Even better, drop in on a cold windy winters day – the hearth fire will be roaring, and you can cozy up next to it with your cinnamon roll and plate of pancakes. Mmm, delicious!

Nookies Tree

3334 N Halsted St Chicago IL 60657

tel: 773-248-9888

Sometimes you just want a good old-fashioned all-day breakfast house. In that case, you need to go to Nookies. Serving up flawless pancakes and steaming fresh coffee any time of the day, this is the breakfast house of choice for business men, party goers, and a colorful Chicago crowd. The waffles, in particular are fantastic. Another place you won’ be leaving hungry!

Walker Bros. Original Pancake House

620 Central Ave Highland Park IL 60035

tel: 847-432-0660

Not to be confused with the other Original Pancake House, Walker Bros. has a charming, comfortable dining area perfect for relaxing with the morning newspaper and a cup of joe. A good place to bring friends and family, its bright atmosphere will have you feeling chipper in no time. The food comes in mammoth portions, and you can tuck into your French crepes or oven-baked omelets with a happy heart.