2011 Halloween Events in Chicago Illinois

Chicago, according to the recent census taken in 2010, has the third largest population in the United States. With a population that is over 2.5 million, you should expect many Halloween-related events taking place around the Windy City of Chicago. There should be some Halloween-themed event that you can attend for the month of October.

Two of Chicago’s Halloween events take place at the Daley Plaza. For the whole month of October, you can visit Daley Plaza for its month-long “Chicagoween” event. At Chicagoween you can immerse yourself in various events and forms of entertainment. You can even visit its farmers’ market to buy various Halloween-related crops such as pumpkins. Once Halloween weekend comes, Daley Plaza undergoes a transformation into “Fraken Plaza” where the venue really gets into the spirit of Halloween. The important part is that the events have free admission.

If you are a fan of haunted houses, Chicago will be full of them during the month of October. You can plan out what haunted houses you wish to see for the most part. One example of a haunted house you can visit is the Massacre Haunted House located in Naperville. There are also haunted tours you can take advantage of. For 2011, Chicago will have its first haunted tour given via Segway. However, the Segway tour will cost you sixty-five dollars. Keep in mind that the tours are from Wednesday to Friday nights.

For something that is family-friendly, you can visit the Lincoln Park Zoo for its event called “Spooky Boo Spectacular!” This is a daytime event that will take place on October 22, which is on a Saturday. It will be a four-hour long event. What makes this event more family-friendly is the free admission. You can take a large family to this event.

For twenty or twenty-five dollars, you can visit the Glessner and Clark House Museums. Keep in mind that space is limited. If you are a fan of the works of Edgar Allen Poe, this is the event to attend. Be sure to make reservations in advance. Any true fan of Poe may take interest in this special Halloween event. He is known for many ghastly stories such as “The Raven,” “Tell Tale Heart,” and many others.

For more adult crowds, night clubs across Chicago will be hosting their own Halloween parties. There are many venues to visit if you are up for some bar and club hopping on the Saturday of Halloween weekend. Venues include Hilton Chicago, Crobar, Park West Theatre, Smart Bar, Spy Bar, Wet Nightclub, Alumni Club Chicago, Berlin Club, Club Mambo, and many other bars/clubs across the city.

There is something for everybody when it comes to Halloween in Chicago. Since Chicago has one of the largest populations in the country, expect to run into large groups of people. Plan safely and plan in advance.