Winter Fun in Boise I’d

Boise is a city rich is history and culture. You will find a diverse selection of fun activities to cure the winter time blues in the area, perfect for both tourists and locals. Women,Men, children, and couples, young and old, tall and short, everyone will enjoy the winter time fun in Boise!

The capital of Idaho hosts a unique culinary scene, filled with restaurants offering goodness from many different cultures. Since it is cold outside, use the winter months to sample some of Boise’s great restaurant scene. Cottonwood Grille is a must visit Boise restaurant. The upscale eatery is a value for the incredible tasting, fresh foods you receive. Enjoy the luxury of a stone fireplace and white linens during your visit.  Louie’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant is another favorite of Boise residents, serving hot, tasty pizza and Italian specialities in the downtown area.  Plaza Grill is another fantastic must visit Boise restaurant that is also a city landmark, the building dating back to 1910.

Boise serves as the largest Basque population outside of the country itself. Bosque block is an area of town devoted to the Bosque community, and a trip to the Bosque Community Center offers fun when the weather is frightful! Participate in culinary classes and wine tastings at the Bosque Market, and explore many beautiful artifacts, artwork, and crafts from the Bosque as you learn about their history in the Bosque Museum. .

Take the kids and head downtown to the Discovery Center of Idaho. The Discovery Center is the most science fun it is possible to have, and an adventure people of all ages will enjoy doing. Hands-on science activities include an air brake chair that allows you to pull yourself 6 foot in the air with ease; creating your own tornado and experiencing it first hand; Bubble Wall-allows you to blow gigantic bubbles; using a Zoetrop, a machine that makes cartoons in action; and many more fun, educational exhibits to keep you interested. The Discovery Center is an entire day of fun perfect for a cold winter day!

In November the Beaux Arts Societe Holiday Sale takes the Boise Art Museum. The art show features high quality works of art with both holiday and non holiday themed art pieces.Even if you do not want to purchase art work, this sale is a great way to view all of the magnificent art featured at the show.

These are just a few of the many fun things you can do on a winter’s day in Boise! You will find many other activities to suit the interest of anyone in Boise!