Things to do in Boise I’d in the Fall

When you begin looking for things to do in Boise, Idaho in the fall, you need to consider things that are just available during that particular season. Museums, parks and attractions are open all year long and can be visited anytime of the year. There are some activities, though, that especially lend themselves to the fall season.

Outdoor Fun Activities

Fall is a wonderful time of the year in Boise. The hot summer temperatures have passed and the weather is more pleasurable. It is a perfect time for hiking, bike riding, picnicking, horse back riding and all those other outdoor activities that were difficult to do because of the hot weather.

A Fall Drive and Picnic

The first part of October the tree leaves are at the peak of their color, and it is a perfect time to bundle up the children, pile in the car and head for the hills to see the beautiful trees in all their splendor. To keep the children from getting bored on the ride, be sure to remind them to take a favorite toy and a book or two. Take along a good assortment of snacks to make the trip more interesting.

Going and coming you can have a contest to see who can find three things first. Someone can choose the items and the order they must be found in. For example: a red pickup, a tree with red and green leaves and a wild animal, in that order. Each person has to find their own object. Its not fair to use the same one that another person found. You can offer a special surprise to the one who wins. It can be either $1.00 to spend along the way or one of the snacks you brought along.

Since the weather can be chilly during this time of the year, bring along jackets. Make sure you include something warm for the picnic as well. Perhaps you could pack a thermos of hot chocolate or soup to help warm everyone up inside. If its too cold to eat outside, you can picnic inside of the car. After all it is the thought that counts.

When you return to Boise late in the evening, why not stop somewhere for dessert and something hot to drink? This makes a perfect ending for a wonderful day.

Autumn Bonfire Party

Fall time in Boise is when all of the pumpkins, hay and straw are harvested. Plan a bonfire party and invite people you enjoy fellowshipping with. Use bales of straw for seats and tables and set pumpkins around. You can even make some jack-o-lanterns, and use them for lighting around the area.

Because the evenings are quite chilly, if not downright cold, the big bonfire will be the focal point of the party. Be sure to have lots of extra firewood to keep the fire burning strongly.

You can have a potluck dinner where everyone brings something to eat. Hot dogs would, also, be a good idea and everyone could roast their own. Each family could bring a bag of chips or salad to go with them.

Linder Farms

One thing you won’t want to miss during the fall in Boise is a trip to Linder Farms. They are open from September 18th through the end of October. You’ll have a ball trying to work your way through the 15 acre corn patch maze. The huge pumpkin patch is the perfect spot to buy the pumpkins you’ll need for Halloween and those delicious pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving.

Besides the corn maze, Linder Farms offers a free straw bale maze for the younger children, free hayrides, barrel train rides, a petting zoo, pony rides and inflatables for the children to jump on. They also have a concession stand offering such things as nachos, hot dogs, sausages, hamburgers, fries, homemade mini-donuts, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, popcorn and snow cones.

These are just a few ideas for things to do in Boise in the fall. There are many other activities offered by the local library and other community organizations. No matter what you enjoy doing, you will find something that will suit your taste in Boise in the fall.