A guide to the small town of Bayview, Idaho

Bayview, Idaho located in the North Idaho Panhandle with a population of 276 falls into the category of small towns. Back in the 1880’s limestone deposits were discovered and mined in Bayview. When the quality of the limestone became inferior the mines failed and were closed in the 1930’s. Today though, there are still five discernible kilns on the north shore of Bayview.

Steamboats carried mail to residents that lived in Bayview, Lakeview and around the lake’s shore starting in the 1880’s. Today,  mail is still delivered daily. Departing from the moorage at MacDonald’s Resort about 10 a.m. and makng its return trip at 3 p.m. If one is lucky he may be able to catch a ride.

Some say that Eleanor Roosevelt noticed Lake Pend Oreille while flying from Washington, DC to Seattle; President Franklin D. Roosevelt had been searching for a secure naval training site and made a trip to the area in 1942. Eventually, the southern tip of the lake became known as the Farragut Naval Training Station during World War II. The US Navy today still conducts some acoustic underwater sub research.

Bayview is a mountain town that settles itself on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille. This lake offers 200 miles of shoreline and its deep, blue water beckons those who have a love for water sports. Water skiing, swimming and boating are just a few to contemplate.

Farragut State Park, a 2,700 acre preserve, is located 4 miles west of Bayview. It was founded in 1964 and is  home to many species of wildlife. These include whitetail deer, coyotes and black bear. This park is an ideal destination for those who like to camp and hike.

Bayview has a post office, grocery store, Bible Chapel and several places to camp and stay.

Bayview’s 5th Street Cottages and Light Haus Bed & Breakfast are available to accommodate travelers and for the more adventurous, you can visit MacDonald’s Hudson Bay Resort to rent a cabin. MacDonald’s also offers rental boats, a marina, gas, propane and just about anything else you may need while you are there.

The closest medical facility is Kootenai County Medical Center located in Coeur d’Alene.  Along with its outstanding medical services it offers the community a great place to work.

Although there are no schools in Bayview, about 8 miles away in Athol there is Athol Elementary School. Timberlake Junior and Senior High Schools are located in Spirit Lake, Idaho about 16 miles away with bus service.

Temperatures range throughout most of the year from 35 degrees to 74 degrees (fall, winter and spring) striking about 80 degrees in July and August.

If one visits this picturesque small town and has a desire to own some property there for vacations or a relaxed way of living day to day. Visit: www.tulia.com,  type in Bayview, ID and enjoy the scenery.