Homeschooling Lite

I’ve decided to call our lack of dedication to school attendance home-schooling. With apologies to the actual home-schoolers out there, of course.I am, to put it lightly, not the most dedicated parent when it come to school attendance. (My daughter finds her new SK boring, and, having attended a class, I can’t blame her, which makes it difficult for me to force her to go. Sadly, this was never a problem at her old school, which a year later, she still talks about wanting to visit or attend.) Luckily, her terrible attendance isn’t such a big deal now, though it will be next year.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to say my approach is a semi-home-school type scenario, where homeschooling just happens and includes sessions in afternoon high tea, gardening preparation, gallery attendance, pet care, reading, and vegging out (the latter is part of a teaching unit I like to call “Unstructured approaches to coping and stress prevention.”) Her report card came home and aside from the appalling 34 absences, her grades were pretty good, so I’m not overly worried, although I’m a bit fearful about what’s going to happen next year when she actually has to attend everyday. Maybe the curriculum will get more interesting? One can only hope.

Though for both her and I, raising chicks, making our own yogurt and digging in the yard are a lot more interesting than the rote work they teach young kids at school. Today we discussed pathogens like salmonella vis a vis our chicks and why we wash our hands, like we do with nuts, after handling them, and also how, mommy was worried that she may have contracted salmonella poisoning at a trendy Toronto brunch spot this past weekend, where a possibly-undercooked chicken breast was disguised through the clever use of pesto. “Remember Sweetie, undercooked chicken without salmonella is yucky but won’t hurt you if you have healthy bacteria in your tummy, although if that undercooked chicken had salmonella, you’re going to be in trouble either way.”

Which looped back to the homemade yogurt and good intestinal flora, etc. See, this is a practical curriculum in action, although I need to schedule in a hands-on unit where she takes over cage cleaning duties.