British Man with Type 1 Diabetes ‘Cured’

Dr. Faustman is not the only researcher working toward a cure for type 1 diabetes. Doctors at King’s College Hospital in London claimed a breakthrough in the treatment of diabetes after announcing the first British patient to be “cured” by transplant.

Richard Lane, 61, was having five insulin injections a day to control the diabetes from which he has suffered for almost three decades. But after three transplants of islet cells, the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas, from three separate donors he no longer needs injections to control the condition and is leading a normal life.

Doctors who performed the transplant said it heralded a new era for the 250,000 patients with type 1 diabetes like Mr Lane’s, who are dependent on daily insulin injections.

My question is, what happens when memory T cells attack the healthy islets? That’s the scope of Dr. Faustman’s research after all. Is transplantation the “miracle cure?”

Here are some comments as below:


This is fabulous news!!

Now if we can get Bush supporting stem cell research we’ll have an unlimited supply of donor islet cells that won’t be rejected.

VICTORY is near!!

Cheers! Bill ;))

2. Transplant all you want. The antibodies will still continue to attack the beta cells. I guarantee that the gentleman who was cured will come back in a few years as a diabetic once again.

I am not being a sour grape about this…any research is fantastic. It’s just that you cannot call something a cure when it isn’t permanently so.

3. Don’t get me wrong, as someone who has had type 1 diabetes for 26 years, a potential cure is very exciting, i just want to know if anti-rejection drugs are still needed with this procedure and if so, for how long? For me humalog does the best right now and I wouldn’t give that up in exchange for anti-rejection drugs.

4. i agree Dave – that’s why i mentioned in my original post that stem cell (embryonic) research is so important so that we can have an unlimited supply of islet cells that hopefully won’t require anti-rejection drugs.

i’ve used a Preci-Jet Insulin injector for over 20 years which has been great – it shoots the insulin into your body as a fine mist so it gets absorbed by the body better & in a more timely fashion for better control – i’d highly recommend it to anyone.

i was just surprised that only 3 of us had responded to something (finally) touting that ever-elusive frigging “cure”

i do think we’re getting closer though! ;))

5. I think the only reason why only 3 of us responded is because there was no groundbreaking results. The British Drs basically replicated the Edmonton Protocol. What diabetic hasn’t heard of that? I don’t think it’s a cure because you have those pesky T cells waiting or even working on killing off the beta cells. The antirejection drugs aren’t a guarantee that they can prevent rejection and the side effects are often worse than the complications experienced by the recipient.

The closest to a cure is being worked on by Dr. Denise Faustman featured on this blog. She had actually eliminated the underlying disease (defective t cells) and corrected the body’s immune system so that the defective t cells are never developed by the body ever again! That’s a cure. The only step now is to translate it to humans who’s endocrine system is very close to that of a mouse.

I’m happy that Drs keep plugging away at looking for a cure.

6. This is a really interesting story on Stem Cells helping Xenotransplants & anti-rejection.

I couldn’t agree more with Shannon. I had written an early post but lost it due to holding down the shift key too long – Thanks Microsoft.

We’re all searching for a true cure, the whole cure & nothing but the cure!!

I just don’t want promising stem cell research held up by religious, holier than thou, do-gooders like Bush, Romney & the rest of their ilk. There’s too much at stake for people not only with diabetes but MS, ALS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers & every other disease!

When I was first diagnosed (i was peeing too much & drinking Coca Cola to quench my thirst – they didn’t have Diet Coke way back then ;)) – i was 14 turning 15 – i’m 48 now & my doctor said they will have a Cure within 10 years. I believed him – but now 33 years later I really feel we’re on the brink of “Real Cure”!

Let the Drs & Researchers get the job done.

Not only do I want a piece of Pecan Pie – I’d like to have a nice cold Green Beer today! ;))