Living in Hawaii Pros and Cons

Hawai’i, land of paradise, Polynesian culture, seemingly endless beaches, and everything we dream of when we think of our “perfect” life.

Why move to Hawai’i? The benefits are many; mild climate leave those coats stateside, you will not need them here, endless days of sunshine and water sports, and a place rich in history.

You have decided to move to Hawai’i and want to get the most enjoyment of your new home you have come to the right place.

If water sports are your pleasure, you can swim in the ocean just about year round. The trade winds keep hot weather at bay and the climate is enjoyable. Many homes have no need for air conditioning or heat.

Catch a wave at Sunset Beach or watch the competitions that take place there during various times of the year.

Water sports not your thing? No problem, you can visit areas of historical value. Visit the USS Arizona and USS Utah memorials. Take a side trip and tour the World War II submarine, USS Bowfin; ride the tour boats around battleship row, and schedule a visit to the USS Missouri or take a submarine ride and descend to 100 feet.

If you want your history to go back further, you can visit Iolani Palace the only true royal palace in the United States, go to Pali Lookout and learn the history of King Kamehameha, visit the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific at Punchbowl, and watch football games in the Aloha Stadium. Walk around Honolulu, see where Hawai’i Five Oh was filmed, Magnum P.I., and Karate Kid movies; Hawai’i is frequently in the theater.

If you like outdoors activities, you can hike to Sacred Falls and swim in the water at the base of the falls.

Drive around the island; see the different things available around the island of O’ahu.

If you want to see things from a boat, take one of the many tours from circling the island to Pearl Harbor excursions, sunset cruises, or take a ride on the glass bottom boat. If you want to see bigger, go out and enjoy whale-watching.

Even if you lived in Hawai’i for years, you wouldn’t be able to do and see everything available. There is something for everyone to do.

Shopping is plentiful. Prices may be slightly higher than you are accustomed to; this is due to everything having to be shipped to the islands by air or sea.

Don’t forget, when you tire of O’ahu, you have several other islands you can visit to experience different activities.

Fishing, horseback riding, tours, shows, there are many things to do and experience in Hawai’i.

I lived in Hawai’i for three years and enjoyed it immensely. I wouldn’t have moved except I was active duty and my time for orders came up. I have been around the world and have never found another place to match all that I saw and experienced in Hawai’i.