Kauai Resort History

Magnificent Kauai

An island that formed about six million years ago that measures about 550 square miles is sure to spark an interest in those wanting to visit some real Hawaiian history. Look no further than Kauai, Hawaii.

There are five different regions that make up this beautiful island. Starting North and heading clockwise, they are: North Shore, Coconut Coast, Lihue Kalapaki, South Shore and West Side.

If you are looking to immerse yourself in the Hawaiian past, there are many different cultural festivals that happen in Kauai all year round that you should definitely check out, so I have listed a few of them here that are must-sees.

One of the first festivals that take place, located in one of the most historic towns in all of Hawaii, is called the Waimea Historic Walking Tour in the West Side of Kauai. This is a two hour walk (don’t worry it’s worth it) in which you get to explore the same lands Captain James Cook first landed on, one of the first Westerners to discover the islands. He was a British sailor who changed the course of history for Hawaii when he sailed into Waimea Harbor back in January 1778. 1778! You also get to learn about the last King of Kauai, the missionaries and other famous citizens of Waimea along with getting to see the landmarks they left behind. See, I told you it was worth it!

In another festival called Eo e Emalani i Alaka’I, “The Emalani Festival”, also located in the West Side of Kauai in a town called Kokee, a historical chant can be learned. This event does not require as much stamina as the Waimea Walking Tour, but since this event includes live music and entertainment, you may want to preserve some energy for “hula-ing”. This festival’s main focus is in honoring Queen Emma, one of the most influential figures in Hawaiian history, known for her humanitarian efforts. Another must-see in relation to Queen Emma is the National Tropical Botanical Garden on the South Shore of Kauai. Originally planted by Queen Emma in the 1870’s who went there after the death of her husband and only child, this garden now claims the world’s largest collection of rare and endangered plants containing more than 26,000 tropical flowers. What could be more breathtaking?

Besides the different festivals Kauai hosts that showcase numerous Hawaiian traditions such as hula dancing, drumming featuring traditional songs, handcrafts and delicious foods, there are other historical sites simply for touring.

In 1860, R.C Wyllie; serving as Hawaii’s minister of foreign affairs, acquired land in Hanalei located on the North Shore. In honor of a visit by two-year-old Prince Albert Edward Kauikeaouli Lei O Papa a Kamehameha and his parents, King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma, Wyllie named his piece of land Princeville. Princeville is now one of the most magical vacation destinations on Earth. What an honor for the young two year old prince who sadly died shortly after in 1862.

Princeville has something for everyone. The Ocean View Resort is one of Hawaii’s finest resorts and it includes championship golf courses, shopping and spas all situated among lush green Sea Cliffs. There’s no room for being afraid of heights here! Soak it up. It’s like a little piece of Heaven.

So if the cultural festivals didn’t sell you a plane ticket to make the trip to this historical and magical island, surely Princeville’s luxurious resort did. A one way ticket anybody?