Great Things to do in Maui

The hula girls, floral lei’s, palm trees, ocean as far as the eyes can see, pineapple groves, sugar cane, and a glorious beach to sip umbrella cocktails on is what we imagine when we dream of traveling to Hawaii. All of which can be accomplished in the first few hours of your adventure. The hula girls meet you as you disembark from the plane. They welcome you to the fiftieth state with a floral lei and head you to your accommodations. The scenic route to your destination is full of sugar fields, palm trees, pineapple groves, and spectacular views of the ocean. When you arrive at the resort, you quickly change from airport fashion to beach wear. Hitting the beach running, you splash in the surf and take it all in. The tikki hut calls your name as you receive the first of many umbrellaed libations on your visit. A week of vacation on the glorious sand and you have completed all that you had dreamed of in two hours. So, what can you do with the next six days? Maui has so much to offer.

My favorite three great things to do in Maui are:

First, rent a car. It is impossible to explore and take in all that the island has to offer without one. The rental car place will give you a great map and tell you where you should and should not drive on the island. A portion of the island is a one lane road along the cliffs known as Hana Highway. The Hana is 52 miles long and will take a half a day to complete. Take food, water, sunscreen, and tons of film for your camera. The curved and bridged majestic journey will be slow and magical. Waterfalls and pools, ocean views of whales, vegetation that you can only imagine awaits. Rock monuments line the cliffs as guardians of past decedents to protect the island. A masterpiece without a canvas.

Your second must do is the world’s largest dormant volcano, Haleakala, having last erupted in the 1790s is a must on your vacation. It is 33 miles wide and 24 miles long. Allow for half of a day to take it all in. Your journey takes 37 miles from the base to the top. Be the envy of all, and take a coat. It was snowing at the crest when we were there in June. The National park is informative and guides can help you decide which areas you would like to explore. If you want to see the sunrise from 2,000 feet up, leave your room by 2:30 a.m. to make the drive.

The third and most exciting thing to do is Slaughter House Five. It is the best place to see before you leave your island paradise. It is not found on any map, nor will any local tell you how to find it. Slip one of the valets a $20, and off you go. Cars will be parked on the curve when you arrive. Wear good tennis shoes and be prepared to climb down a rocky path. The cove is surrounded by two reefs. The waves are awesome. Professional surfers practice here daily. Front row seating for the best surfers in the world can be found here. Beware, they are not shy. When they are done for the day, they strip and change for all to see.

More traditional, but great ideas for your visit can be found at the Pineapple Winery, world class golf courses, shopping, black sand beach, day cruises, scuba classes, snorkeling, and the famous luau’s held nightly. It is an island that can be fun and a learning experience for all ages. A moonlight stroll on the beach, the sea breeze on your face as you sleep at night, and the candle light dinner from room service is a couple’s dream. Surfing, snorkeling, sun bathing, and whale watching are a teenager’s paradise. Younger children and older adults are captured by the atmosphere of the luau’s, local culture, and endless exploring of the unknown. It is an island for all. Beauty knows no age limit.