Great Things to do in Maui

When vacation in Maui you may want to do some exciting things. It could be surfing or scuba diving, but what ever it is you want to be able to experience Maui at its best. There are a number of things you can do that can be adventurous or relaxing.

Oheo Gutch is probably one of the best things to go do in Maui. The scenery is breathtaking. You can go swimming but you will need to be aware of weather conditions as well as which pool you decide to swim in. There are many waterfalls and pools that lead into each other. There is one pool in particular that leads into the ocean and you must not swim in that one otherwise you could get badly hurt. The Oheo Gutch is a natural wonder and is also known as the 7 Sacred Pools.

Goofy Foot Surf School teaches amateurs how to surf. The classes are small so that you can get that one on one instruction. A beginner’s class can cost around $55 per person. There are intermediate classes available as well and the school offer board rentals.

B&B Scuba Diving Services offers three day courses to long-term dive master courses. There are guided tours as well as boat tours. They also allow people to rent diving gear.

Trilogy Excursions is a sailing adventure. There are six sailing catamarans in this fleet including Ka’anapali and the Lahaina Harbor. This is five hours worth of sunning and sailing with some snorkeling.

Ka’anapali Beach has a landmark called the Black Rock. This is where people will dive off from since it is very high and can potentially be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. The beach is not as busy as the Waikiki beach so you will have a lot of area to yourself. There are resorts, restaurants, and shops nearby.

Makina State Park is the perfect beach to tan and swim. It has two parts. One beach is called the Big Beach which is for the family and the Little Beach which is not for the whole family. The Little Beach is a nude beach where you can also boogie board and surf.

There is always something to do while in Maui. You can check out the great waves in the ocean and enjoy learning how to surf or simply lay out on the golden sand soaking in some sun.