What to do at Stone Mountain Kids and Stone Mountain Stone Mountain Atlanta Attractions in Atlant

Stone Mountain Park is located about 15 miles from downtown Atlanta, and it serves as one of the city’s major attractions. The 3,200-acre park itself is owned by the state of Georgia, and it features a giant granite mountain as well as lakes, trails and campgrounds surrounding Stone Mountain. There are countless things to do with your children while visiting this park.

Climb Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain has a circumference of 5 miles, and it is about 1.3 miles in height. If your children are old enough, they will enjoy hiking up the mountain on its walk-up trail. Once on top of the mountain, you and your children will enjoy an incredibly scenic view that includes downtown Atlanta as well as the mountains of North Georgia.

Picnic at the Grist Mill

The Grist Mill is a century-old treasure that can be found on the east side of Stone Mountain. It offers a great venue for a family picnic.

Take a rid in the sky

The Summit Skyride is something you do not want to miss! This Swiss cable car ride is something your kids will find very exciting, and you will enjoy the fabulous views. Even better, unlike some rides, there is no requirement for height so the little ones can come along, too.

Catch the train

Children love trains, and the train at Stone Mountain will not disappoint! This train ride will take you around the circumference of the park. While aboard, you will hear a narrative that will teach your kids all about the history of trains at this park. Fun and educational – can you say win, win?

Float away

If the train is not your thing, then perhaps you would prefer riding on a paddlewheel riverboat. Even better, its name is Scarlett O’Hara, paying homage a true Southern heroine if there ever was one.

Take a hike

If you and your family are really into hiking, Stone Mountain offers a variety of hiking trails. In fact, there are 15 miles of trails that will provide you with not only beautiful views but also the chance to appreciate nature with your family.

Be wowed by an incredible lasershow

Stone Mountain Park is famous for its lasershow, so this is another must-do! It’s a great time to catch this as it is celebrating its 25th anniversary. This lasershow will have your kids wanting to return to Stone Mountain again, and it’s a breathtaking way to end a visit to the park.

There are many other things you can enjoy with your children while at Stone Mountain Park; however, this overview should at least give you this idea. You cannot go wrong with your kids at Stone Mountain! This park offers so many neat options that your kids are certain to have a great time.