Volunteer in Atlanta for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks for the things and people that our lives have been blessed with. It is also a time to recognize the privileges, rights and freedoms we enjoy. A right to basic needs is something that is entitled to everyone. Sadly, not everyone has access to these basic needs of food, clothing, safety and shelter at all times. Many organizations in Atlanta strive to provide needy persons with basic resources everyone should have. Volunteers are an important part of meeting these goals and securing these needs for residents of the city of Atlanta. 

The needs of Atlantans are extreme. For example, the Metro Atlanta Tri-Jurisdicianal Homeless Census counted 7019 homeless individuals on one night in 800 square miles of metro Atlanta. Another statistic showing the need for intervention is the over 20% of Georgia’s children living in poverty. Atlanta has many needs and these needs are significant. There are countless organizations in Atlanta working toward lessening these needs and volunteers are crucial to the success of fighting these social problems. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches and the temperature in Atlanta gets colder each day, the need for volunteers is great. Below are some of the many places where those wishing to volunteer this Thanksgiving season can lend a helping hand.

1) Senior Citizen Services of Metro Atlanta needs volunteers to deliver meals to hungry seniors on Thanksgiving Day. www.scsatl.org. 

2) Salvation Army is always in need of individuals or groups to volunteer to prepare and / or serve meals on Thanksgiving Day as well as on other nights. Visit the Salvation Army website for more information on volunteering during the Thanksgiving season. www.salvationarmy.org

3) Hosea Feed the Hungry is one of Atlanta’s largest organizations addressing the need of hunger among Atlantans. Volunteers are needed throughout the entire Thanksgiving season. Visit the website for forms you can submit to sign up for volunteering. A list of urgently needed items is available on the site as well if you would like to donate items instead of or in addition to volunteering. www.hoseafeedthehungry.com.

4) The Open Door Community Soup Kitchen, a Christian volunteer-driven organization seeks helpers year around to assist with a number of tasks all addressing the hunger and clothing needs of Atlantans. Visit their website for contact information and to sign up to lend a hand this Thanksgiving season. www.opendoorcommunity.org. 

www.tri-j.net ~ Statistics on homelessness in Atlanta can be viewed here.