Some of the best universities in Atlanta

As a major metropolitan area, Atlanta, Georgia, is home to several top national universities that cater to in-state residents and out-of-state students and offer a wide variety of degree programs. Here are a handful of Atlanta’s top universities and colleges.

Emory University

Emory University is a private higher education institution located in DeKalb County. Founded in 1836, the prestigious school is named after John Emory, a popular Methodist bishop. Despite its Methodist origins, today, Emory remains largely unaffiliated to any particular religion. The university is comprised of nine different academic schools that focus on diverse fields including arts and sciences, business, law, medicine, nursing, public health, and theology. Emory University is often highly ranked in national ranking lists, including the reputable U.S. News & World Report Magazine. The university earned the number 18 spot in the top national universities rankings list. In addition, the school’s business school, the Goizueta Business School, was ranked 5th and the Emory University School of Law was ranked in the top 25.

The University of Georgia

Also known as UGA, the University of Georgia is a public research university located several miles outside of Atlanta in Athens, Georgia. Founded in 1785, UGA has the distinction of being the state’s oldest and largest institution for higher education. It is also the oldest public university in the United States. The school enrolls approximately 35,000 students a year and has various satellite campuses throughout the state, including within the city of Atlanta, in order to accommodate the large student body.

The Georgia Institute of Technology

Commonly referred to as “Georgia Tech” or simply “Tech,” The Georgia Institute of Technology is yet another of the University System of Georgia’s public research universities. Founded in 1885 as the Georgia School of Technology, the school changed its name in 1948 in order to ensure the development of a reputation as a technical institute and research institution. Georgia Tech is comprised of six colleges and schools with a total of thirty-one departments. Although the school does emphasize sciences and technology, they also offer degrees in architecture and liberal arts.

Georgia State University

Also known as GSU, the Georgia State University is also a part of the University System of Georgia. Established in 1913, GSU is located in downtown Atlanta, and conducts a large amount of research. GSU also features a highly ranked law school. The undergraduate school, however, enrolls an approximated 28,000 students per year.

Morehouse College

Morehouse College is one of the four remaining traditional men’s colleges in the United States. Although the college is relatively small, with only about 3,000 students enrolled per year, the school is recognized nationally as a prestigious institution where students are subjected to rigorous curriculums under a student to faculty ratio of sixteen to one. Morehouse is one of the most well-known historically African-American universities in the nation.

Spelman College

Serving as the sister school to Morehouse College, Spelman is also widely recognized nationwide as a prestigious liberal arts college. This four year women’s college was founded in 1881 and became the first historically African-American college for women in the United States.

Mercer University

Mercer University is an independent, private university. Although Mercer has a traditionally Baptist affiliation, students of all religious creeds are welcome to pursue courses of study in a variety of different fields including business, education, engineering, law, liberal arts, medicine, music, nursing, pharmacy, theology, and continuing and professional studies. The school is comprised of eleven college and schools that instruct approximately 7,500 students each year.

As you can see, Atlanta offers prospective students a wide variety of choices when it comes to pursing higher education. Whether you’re interested in technical studies such as engineering, liberal arts, or law, Atlanta’s top universities offer plenty of opportunities for you to find the perfect fit for you.