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Atlanta, Georgia and its metropolitan area has become a very strong international city over the last twenty or some years. Along with this growth in global awareness, many businesses open up to support this growth and this certainly includes restaurants of all kinds. It is said though that without hard work in this industry at least through the first to third years, many restaurants do not make it and have to close their doors.

What is important however is to learn about the business of having a family restaurant and even knowing where they are and what they have to offer. That is what will be accomplished here. The following is a list of the top family restaurants in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. A family restaurant is one that provides something for the entire family including the children. As of yet, there is no restaurant that includes an area for family pets, sorry.

Restaurants for a number of years now have been offering gift certificates for menu items and this has been a big plus for most of them. The restaurants listed below are not listed from best to not so best. They are one’s that come to mind as just a few of the many great family restaurants in Atlanta.

The Galaxy Diner Atlanta – located at 3320 Henderson Mill Road, Atlanta, Georgia, this is truly a family restaurant. It does have something for everyone. It has been owned and operated by Roy and Myong Jones for just a little over six years. Not only does the restaurant itself have a rich history but so does the building. It is over 40 years old but in great shape. It is truly an international restaurant. Its cuisine is anything and everything from American to Greek to Latino to Hawaiian. The Diner has steaks, Hawaiian Salads, Gyro Wraps, Greek Salads, Galaxy Chef Salads, humongous hamburgers, hotdogs that stretch for miles, ice cream, homemade cakes including the famous Coconut Cake and delicious pies.

The Galaxy Diner Atlanta offers all day breakfast as well. There is everything from delicious old fashioned omelets to Jewish style french toast. There are also large homemade biscuits and for an added flavor there is the great sausage gravy. Of course, since the Galaxy Diner is in the South, there is also plenty of Grits to go around. The Galaxy Diner does serve Beer and Wine.

So what does the Galaxy Diner have for children? It has coloring paper and crayons. For an added attraction, Mr. Jones has learned a few magic tricks over the years and provides plenty of laughs for the kids with his tricks. They are safe and fun to watch.

For children of all ages, the Galaxy Diner of Atlanta opens its parking lot on the first Saturday of each month from April to November for the Cruise-In Car Show. Many cars of all kinds are welcomed and it has become a big hit for everyone involved and the spectators as well. Most, if not all of these Cruise-In’s support local and national charities.

The Galaxy Diner offers large portions of food at affordable prices. It is open seven days a week. Monday-Saturday, the Diner opens it doors from 6 a.m. And closes at 10 p.m. On Sunday, the Diner opens at 7 a.m. And closes at 3 p.m. Fore more information on the Galaxy Diner of Atlanta, visit its website at: Galaxy Diner. The Galaxy Diner does accept credit cards and debit cards.

Dave and Buster’s – There are a number of these restaurants in the Atlanta area. This particular restaurant, founded in 1978, has something for everyone, that is children of all ages. It is a mega arcade and billiards playground. It also has a great food menu from American, barbecue, burgers, ice cream and so much more. It does offer beer and wine as well. There is an ATM on site and the restaurant offers discounts for students and seniors. It also offers private parties and more. There are over 200 types of games that are offered: arcade style, pinball, racing, shooting, skee ball and billiards and ticket redemption games just to name a few.

There are a number of locations for Dave and Buster’s around the Atlanta Metropolitan area, so visit its website for directions and times of operation.

Dave and Buster’s takes credit cards and debit cards. For more information on Dave and Buster’s visit the following website: Patch – Dave and Busters

Ippolito’s Italian Restaurant – Ippolito’s has been serving authentic Italian dishes since 1989. It offers a casual, friendly atmosphere which includes excellent service. It has healthy portions of food ranging from homemade sandwiches, pizzas and calzones. It also offers great pasta’s to specialty chicken, veal and seafood dishes. There is a wide variety of wines and desserts to choose from as well. Carry out is available. As a guest at Ippolito’s Italian Restaurant, you are sat at candlelit tables and even music by favorites such as “Old Blue Eyes,” Frank Sinatra.

Ippolito’s offers catering as well. For more information on the restaurant and its locations and hours of operation as well as its menu, visit its website at: This is certainly an award winning family restaurant.

Fatz Eatz and Drinkz – By, land, sea and air, there is something for everyone in the family at this great dining establishment. From St. Louis Ribs (land) to Atlantic Cod (sea) and Caribbean Chicken and Veggie Kabobs (air), this is just a small taste of what is offered at Fatz. There are also a number of sandwiches offered at the restaurant including the Cuban Sandwich, Crab Salad Sandwich and the Cod Father. The restaurant also offers salads as well. The restaurant also has well-priced desserts including Grandma’s Pecan Pie and Ice Box Key Lime Pie.

For more information on Fatz Eatz and Drinkz, visit its website at: Eatz and Drinkz.

57th Fighter Group – Located at Dekalb Peachtree Airport in Chamblee, Georgia, this is one great family restaurant. It has a long award winning history. It is named for the famous World War II 57th Fighter Group and the restaurant basically takes you back into history. It has something for everyone, even if you are not an aviation enthusiast. The cuisine is mostly American, yet it has a big menu. It also holds a number of weekly events which includes children’s birthday parties. It is a bit pricey but worth every dollar spent.

For more information on the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant visit its website at: Fighter Group Restaurant.