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Buckhead is an upscale area in Atlanta that is famous for its gorgeous mansions, incredible restaurants, premiere malls and boutique stores. This enclave,located just a few miles north of downtown Atlanta,was central to Tom Wolfe’s novel “A Man in Full.” Its present glamour and notoriety are matched by its colorful past.

Buckhead traces its roots all the way back to 1837 when a man named Henry Irby opened a general store and tavern at the intersection of what are now two key roads in current Buckhead. Irby’s place served as a place of refuge for travelers, rich and poor, who were roaming the Georgia wilderness. To enable those who were passing through to be able to find his store and tavern,Irby hung the “buck head” of a deer he had killed in a place that was visible to travelers.

That is how the name Buckhead came into being, and it stuck as the area gradually became more populated. Eventually, the Buckhead became home for wealthy inhabitants. To this day, the area’s older neighborhoods are populated with lavish homes, including the Governor’s Mansion.

During the 20s, these wealthy early inhabitants lived lavishly. It was a time of great society and all of the debutante balls and lavish parties that are expected in such circles. With one of Buckhead’s zip codes currently being the ninth wealthiest in the nation, it is safe to assume that many of the lavish social functions continue to this day.

A key event in the history of Buckhead occurred in 1959, when one of the estates in Buckhead was sold to the developer of Lenox Square mall. This would start a chain of events that would lead to Buckhead being the amazing commercial district that it is today. Lenox opened in August of that year, and served as the first major mall in the state of Georgia.

Today, Lenox hosts such stores as Bloomingdale’s, Nieman Marcus and Macy’s, and is one of the premier shopping destinations in the South. It is surrounded by luxury hotels, including the Ritz-Carlton, and its sister mall Phipps Plaza. Lenox and the stores and hotels surrounding it form the heart of the commercial Buckhead, and it is a thriving area.

Currently, major renovations are being done in some of the key areas of Buckhead, and the area promises to continue to evolve. From its simple but interesting start, Buckhead remains a dynamic and interesting place, one not to be missed when you visit Atlanta.

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