Atlanta Vegetarian Restaurants a Locals Guide

When dining out with friends or family, vegetarians always hear the same question: “Where can we go where you can eat something?”  For those fortunate enough to live in Atlanta it’s more like “Which wonderful vegetarian restaurant do we choose?”  Not only are there many delicious choices; you can find just about every price point and type of cuisine.  If variety is the spice of life, than Atlanta’s vegetarian restaurants are Madras vindaloo curry!

If you asked an Atlantan to name a vegetarian restaurant they would most likely say Cafe Sunflower.  From burgers to fajitas and even “steak” the standard American fare can be found here.  The food is so tasty that even the most die-hard carnivore will admit they do not miss their animal flesh.  Vegetarian is in fact a fully vegan Chinese place.  No eggs in these egg rolls!  Vegetarian offers the best of southern and soul food which is not known for being veggie-friendly.  It’s not a vegetable if it doesn’t have some kind of animal fat in it.  Vegetarian soul food is a hard sell to meat eaters but the folks at Soul Vegetarian have it down to an art, so much so that they opened a second location.  The vegan macaroni and cheese is heaven for vegans who miss this comfort food.

If southern cooking isn’t conducive to vegetarianism Asian cuisine certainly is.  It is possible that one of the reasons for lower cancer rates amongst Asian is due to their heavily plant based diet.  Restaurant is a staple of the Atlanta vegetarian community.  Operated by Buddhists who practice non-violence to all living things, Harmony offers over 100 different dishes, including “beef” and broccoli and General Tso’s ”chicken” which are incredibly convincing, so much so that customers have asked if it was in fact not real meat.  Vegetarian Chinese and the vaguely named Gourmet are two other excellent choices.  If you’re more in a curry mood, then there is not one but fact four vegetarian Indian eateries to pick from.   Indian Delights, Saravana Bhavan Vegetarian Restaurant offer great selections of Northern and Southern Indian food. 

These are just some of the many, many vegetarian options in Atlanta.  Whatever your taste, wherever you are you can find yummy, cruelty-free cuisine.  Any of these restaurants have sumptuous desserts but if you’re in the mood for something extra special head over to Dulce Vegan Bakery to soothe that sweet tooth.  In Atlanta, it is certainly easy and delicious eating green.