Where to Find the best Cupcakes in Broward County Florida

Cupcakes have been a little slow to gain a foothold in Broward County. Maybe it is because seniors haven’t quite gotten with that trend. Better late than never.  It is finally happening; there is a nice selection of delicious places for cupcake lovers to get their fix. Here are a few suggestions for finding the best cupcakes in Broward County.

If you are one of those people who worship the ground that Oprah walks on and always read the books she recommends, get ready to try the shop where she loves the key lime cake. According to her, “  Every bite is worth it”, she has named it in her favorites.  We Take the Cake  is located in Fort Lauderdale but if you can’t come in, they can be shipped anywhere in Broward County and anywhere in the country.  When it comes to cupcakes, they only ship four flavors; they have much more of a selection in the store. They have both oversized and normal sized cupcakes. They also do special orders and do have a gluten free cake. This is a great bakery that also has cupcakes. 

Hey Cupcake is located in Plantation Village.  It is a café and bakery and you can stop in for a breakfast sandwich or bagel and then take home your favorite cupcakes. They offer a variety of flavors including red velvet, mocha, chocolate, vanilla, rum, carrot and marble. There are also vegan cupcakes in a variety of flavors.

Sweeter Days Bake Shop is located in Fort Lauderdale. They offer a nice selection of daily cupcake flavors. Their signature cupcake is a rich chocolate cake with vanilla flavored aqua Swiss buttercream icing infused with chocolate butter cream and topped with chocolate sprinkles. Additionally they offer Boston cream, southern red velvet, key lime coconut, cookies and cream and chocolate fudge. Additionally they offer 24 other cupcakes on a rotating basis.  The flavors are unique and intriguing including pistachio, malted milk ball and orange creamsicle.  If one of their flavors doesn’t do it for you, you can create your own. You can also pick your size, mini, regular and jumbo. It is all good and you can also have a cookie or a brownie.  

Located in Delray Beach, Cupcake Couture is the fulfillment of a dream for owner Pam.  She has brought her experience of luxury interior design into her shop. The cupcakes and the shop itself are aesthetically beautiful. International chefs create fresh cupcakes daily and the flavors have whimsical names that you will almost recognize such as Dolce and banana and Donatella vanilla. Most of the flavors come in two sizes, vogue and petite. While you are picking out your cupcakes, sit down and enjoy a hot or cold drink or an Italian gelato. Browse through the goodies in the shop and be prepared to be wowed.

These are just some of the every changing bakeries which are making cupcakes a part of everyday life in Broward County.  Cupcakes shops are springing up all over the county and the trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Try them all and decide for yourself who has the best cupcakes in the county.