The best Areas of Avondale in Jacksonville Fl to Live in

Just west of the St. John’s River, in the heart of Jacksonville is the historic neighborhood of Avondale. Voted as one of the best neighborhoods to retire in by Money magazine, Avondale provides the advantages of big city life while maintaining the peace and tranquility one desires in a neighborhood. There is a variety of opportunities from rental units on the river to majestic, historic homes. All you need to do is decide which location or situation is right for you!

1) Down by the river: Unlike the old Chris Farley SNL skit, you won’t be living in a van if you choose an abode down by the river. One of the best things about the Avondale neighborhood is its proximity to the water. Located on the west shore of the St. Johns River, Avondale has bungalows and homes available right on the banks of the river. Not only does this offer you great breezes off the water when you’re enjoying a drink or meal on your porch, but you have the view of the water and the Jacksonville skyline to appease your eyes. You can find a two bedroom rental for $1500 and a small comfortable house for around $300, 000. Make sure to check if any homes are available on Richmond St, as it has some of the best waterfront properties. Even if you are unhappy with the square footage you can afford on the waterfront, the A+ views will make up for it.

2) Next to Boone Park: Boone Park is one of several urban parks in Avondale. It is several blocks long lined on both sides by Van Wert Avenue and Pine Grove Ave. This park has tennis courts, pavilions, picnic tables, playground equipment, and paved paths. Living next to this park is like having an extension to your yard. The tennis courts even have lights that allow you to play a game at night when you want to avoid playing during the daytime in the Florida heat. The homes in this area are especially beautiful, historic, and a bit more expensive than some of the other options.

3) Close to the school: If you have children, you may want to live within a few blocks of the high school in Avondale, Robert E. Lee High School, bounded by McDuff Avenue, Tivoli St, Belvedere Ave, and Sydney Street. This would be a great benefit to have your children be capable of walking easily to school. This particular public high school has made many improvements over the last five years and so if you’re looking for a public school experience for your children, then what a great way to live close to the school you want them to attend. Houses in this area are a bit cheaper since not everyone wants to live close to a school and so if you have kids or don’t mind living near a school and you can get a terrific deal on a home here.

If the above three locations don’t suit you, then take a look at St. John’s Avenue behind Richmond St. These properties are only a few blocks from the waterfront (other parts of St. John’s Avenue have properties on the water) and you have access to some great restaurants and shops. It is also within walking distance to Boone Park so all in all a great set up. Happy house/apartment hunting!