Lake County Florida Public Schools

Often time’s students are sent to the schools they are zoned for with no options available to accommodate certain needs or strengths they may have. While they still offer the traditional public school choices for elementary through high school, the public school system of Lake County Florida also offers a variety of choices for their students with the School Choice Program, giving families and students the opportunity to choose a school that will benefit them the most.

Magnet Schools

Parents often find that their child has a particular interest in one subject over another, possibly showing great promise with an education that centers its focus on those areas of interest. Magnet schools provide specialized curriculum that focuses on a chosen subject, such as Cypress Ridge Elementary, which centers on math, science and technology.

Charter and Conversion Charter Schools

Charter schools provide an educational option for a family that utilizes methods not particularly traditional to the public school system. The schools may group students by ages, for example placing all 5 through 7 year olds together, rather than by the traditional school grades. The curriculum at charter schools can vary from that of the traditional public schools as well. Conversion charter schools are former traditional public schools that have been turned into charters and are currently all elementary schools as of March 2010.

Elementary Choice Programs

Choice program schools offer students and families offer select students a specialized education in an assigned area that may focus on the needs of children in the special education program or a specified discipline. The elementary choice programs offer focus choices that include specialized education for autistic and gifted children and studies in performing arts and technology.

Middle School Choice Programs

The middle school choice programs offered by Lake County schools all focus on select subjects and no longer cover the needs of students in the special education program. Students in middle school can choose to attend a school for the purpose of studying agriscience, business technology, health science, technology or family and consumer science instead of their assigned school.

High School Choice Programs

There are 27 different school choice programs offered at the high school level providing Lake County students with more of an opportunity to head off to college prepared for their chosen major or to go straight into the field working with the skills they need to succeed. The programs vary from automotive service technology to new media technology. Students need only decide the career path that interest them and choose to attend that school for a curriculum that is centered on their needs.