Fun Places to go in Florida

When some people think of Florida, they automatically think of Orlando and Disney. While these are huge attractions, they are far from the only attractions that Florida has to offer. Because of its shape, Florida is surrounded on three sides by water. This makes for some really wonderful activities and fun places to go. In addition, the oldest city in the United States is located in the state. If you want to visit Florida, or even move there, here are just a few of the fun places to go that the state has to offer.

St. Augustine 

Ponce de Leon was looking for the fountain of youth.  While he may not have found it, he did find a place that has continued to fascinate and welcome visitors for hundreds of years. St. Augustine is not quite like any other city in Florida. It has its own history and unique personality. Whether you are strolling the pedestrian area or taking a carriage ride to get the lay of the land, you will find the people friendly and the welcome warm. There is a historic fort to visit, lots of great restaurants and historic bed and breakfasts and city parks where the kids can let off a little of their energy. Anastasia Island has some hotels with beaches as well as weekly rental units.  You can spend a day, a weekend or your entire vacation in this very interesting area.

Key West 

Key West is the most laid back destination you can imagine. It has the farthest point south in the US and on a really clear day, Cuba is almost visible being   just 15 miles away. This is the land of Margueritaville and also the Sloppy Joe. It won’t take you long to understand what Ernest Hemingway found so fascinating about the place and why Harry Truman had his summer White House here. Some of the most gorgeous sunsets in the world are visible on a nightly basis. Be prepared to take things slow and just chill, nothing happens too fast down here.

The Panhandle

People sometimes forget that Florida has a panhandle. It includes the cities of Pensacola and Destin both of which have some of the best beaches in the United States.  The Gulf Islands National Seashore has some pristine beaches as well as some areas that great for enjoy the wildlife in the area. The waters in the Gulf of Mexico are warm and a gorgeous greenish blue color. Shelling is a favorite pastime as well as crabbing and surf fishing.

This is just a small sampling of all the wonderful  and fun places to go that the state of Florida has to offer to both residents and visitors. And for those who can’t live without a visit to the theme parks, there is always Disney, Universal and lots of other tourist attractions in the greater Orlando area.