Finding an Apartment in Gainesville Fl

Money Magazine has named Gainesville one of the most livable cities in the country. It has a resident population of 108,000 and is a great place to live with beautiful lakes and wetlands and within and easy drive of excellent ocean beaches. The median household income in Gainesville is $47,696.

The fact that Gainesville is a college town means that there are a lot of apartments for rent. If you happen to be planning to attend the University of Florida then you will want to find an apartment with easy access to the university. But since not everyone who moves here and is looking for an apartment wants to be part of the college scene it is important that you do a little research before you pick your home.

Pick your neighborhood. Like all cities Gainesville is made up of neighborhoods.

~Duckpond-This is one of the oldest most historic neighborhood in Gainesville. It is composed of over 60 blocks and included many historic building from the 1880’s to the 1930’s. It is a great neighborhood to live in.

~Porters-This is a neighborhood in transition and has been for over 70 years. This predominantly black neighborhood has had some problems with crime and deteriorating real estate but there are plans underway to get the neighborhood back on the right track and it is affordable.

~Downtown- Gainesville has a historic downtown with a very old southern feel but still plenty of modern apartments for rent.

~University of Florida-There are apartment complexes in abundance in this area.

One thing to consider when picking what neighborhood you want to live in is where your work will be located. One of the largest employers in Gainesville is the University of Florida. The University neighborhood has public transportation that can get you all over the city of Gainesville.

Once you have decided where you want to live you need to decide how much you can afford to spend for your apartment. Financial experts suggest not spending more than 40% of your income on housing. Housing includes utilities, insurance and fees that may be associated with your apartment. If your income is similar to the median for the area that will allow you about $900-$1300 depending on your tax bracket.

Duckpond and Downtown are going to be expensive for someone with a median income. Apartments in this area run from about $900-$2000 a month . There are some great apartment complexes and by choosing a one bedroom or studio you certainly can consider moving into these very popular neighborhoods.

If you are new to the area you may want to get a Realtor to help you find just the right place. If you know what you want and where you want to be in Gainesville then this website will help you to find out what is available and how much they cost.

Gainesville Florida is a great place to live and to work and go to school. With a little research and perhaps a little help you are sure to find just the perfect apartment to meet your needs.