Best first Night Celebrations in Florida

The Best First Night Celebrations is a term that originated in the city of Boston, Massachussetts in the year 1976. It was meant to welcome in the New Year, as is done all around the world but with a far more family oriented flair. Usually the entrance of the New Year is filled with adult activities and alcoholic parties. They usually are centered around midnight when the old turns new. These First Day Celebrations are also on December 31, but start and may end earlier.

 The largest First Day Celebration within Florida is in St. Petersburg. It started its tradition in 1993 and and the city celebrates the performing arts and the visual arts. The waterfront is well used here as well as various parts of the city to offer many presentations. The most famous are “Drum Magic” and a “Resolution Bonfire.” Here many people feel free enough to join in and tell stories about the past year to the gathered group of strangers. All these activities begin about 5pm until midnight. At that hour, everyone gathers in Vinoy Park to witness a fantastic display of fireworks. All this is free but it is encouraged for the onlookers to buy a button to help with off setting the festivities expenses. It is not mandatory, for those who can’t. This event is meant to be enjoyed by all.

The next hot spot to celebrate First Day Celebrations is in “Downtown Countdown” of Fort Lauderdale’s Southwest Second Street. It is the party to be at from 3pm to 3am and it holds something to entertain all of the ages. The Orange Bowl Committee works with the City of Fort Lauderdale. Together they both sponsor the celebration which is part of the Orange Bowl Festival. This all leads to the college football bowl game. These entertainments are also free on Dec 31. The younger crowd will ring in their New Year with the same lit 8 foot ball at 7pm as the adult will do at midnight. Meanwhile, until the young ones settle for the end of the old year there is the bounce room and games etc. to entertain them. 

Never being the least but St. Augustine boost of a fun filled First Day Celebration. At St. Johns County Ocean Pier from 4pm to 10pm, one can witness beautiful ice sculpturing, live entertainment, a chili cook-off and for the older crowd who wants to toast a beer or wine; there is a place for them. From what research observed, it seems that most First Day Celebrations are a non-alcoholic event but this one appears to present some adult privileges, privately. Again, the young children will enjoy pony rides, face painting, clowns and at 8:30 there is to everyones delight a display of fireworks, which seem to dance quite well to the music.

The nice consideration about Florida with their First Day Celebrations is that it bring a family together which may had been very much separated on the start of a new year. It allows something for everyone and still allow the adult to do what they waited all their childhood to do. This was to try and be awake at Midnight. If not, no one has to miss the fun of ending the old year and to bring in a New Year.