Guide to Living and Working in Delaware

Well, I can tell you from experience what it’s like to both live and work in Delaware. First off, let me tell you what I always answer when someone asks me, What’s in Delaware? I say Nothing. Now that’s not technically true, since Delaware was the first state to sign the Declaration of Independence, so it does have some historical significance. But seriously, that’s about the only thing that Delaware can brag about, as proof, just look at a Delawarean’s license plate. Every single one of them says, The first state. But now I’m getting off topic. What is it like to live in Delaware? Well, Delaware has always been a pretty fast growing environment. While it is true there is not much to do in DE and the most exciting thing is the movie theater, lots of people tend to move to DE. Why is that?

No Sales Tax

Well, Delaware is one of the cheapest places that I know of to live. Pretty much everything is dramatically cheaper; one factor that causes this is that in DE there are NO SALES TAXES. It is awesome. When you go to a store, and buy something that is $9.99, the product is actually $9.99 rather than $10.17. A lot of people also chose to move to Delaware due to the job opportunities, (when the economy was booming) there were a ton of jobs that people could get in Delaware as well as surrounding locations.


One thing that is really nice about Delaware is that it is in the middle of the east coast. Which means that it is within a comfortable distance from many major areas such as DC, Baltimore, Philly, and NY. A lot of people that I know live in Delaware but work in Maryland, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania. So it is a cheap place to live in with convenient access to nearby areas for more jobs and opportunities. An interesting tidbit about Delaware is that you normally can’t go anywhere without driving. The land is extremely flat and the layout is normally big open spaces and then a town, more open spaces, and then another town. One of the weirdest things about Delaware is that when other people ask you where you live, you never reply with your town name. Instead you reply with what subdivision you live in. It’s the weirdest thing I have ever experienced and I still do not know why Delawarean’s do this, maybe it’s because it is the second smallest state in the US – I don’t really know. But if you do ever move to Delaware, make sure you know which subdivision you are living in, it’s vital for your survival.


Housing in Delaware is pretty nice. Since everyone lives in a subdivision there is a stronger sense of community, and people are fine with talking to their neighbors (for the most part). The houses are also pretty big. Mainly because Delaware still has a lot of unused land. So you can get a semi bigger house for a decent price.


One part of Delaware that I am disappointed with, is their educational system. When I moved from New Jersey to Delaware, I literally went two years without learning a single thing in math. Highly disappointing. If you have children going into school in Delaware and you cannot afford private schools (like most people) then make sure you encourage your child to do their absolute best. The reason why I’m saying this is mainly because public education stinks in Delaware if your child does not push themselves. I’ll give you an example that might make more sense. In my high school they had three different levels of classes. They had a normal level called CP (College Prep), a middle level (Honors), and a difficult level AP (Advanced Placement). Basically, my suggestion is take as many AP and/or honors classes as possible and please please please refrain from the CP classes. All of the people I know who took the normal classes either dropped out of school, did not get into college, or if they did get into college it was with difficulty to get into a Tech school. People who took all honors classes were in my opinion considered with an average intelligence of an American. The people who took AP classes and got really good grades were able to actually achieve their dreams of what college they wanted to go to. So just be careful in picking your schools.


One thing that’s really nice about Delaware is the weather. Delaware never gets too too crazy hot or way too intensely cold. They pretty much never get insane weather such as tornadoes, earthquakes, or hurricanes. Weather wise it’s a pretty safe place to live in.

Working in DE

If you’re and entrepreneur then working in DE is certainly what you want to do, because Delaware is one of the easiest places in all of the United States to start a business. A lot of corporations found their companies in Delaware due to this reason. If you are not starting your own business, Delaware can still be a good place to work. Although I would recommend that you get accepted to a job before considering moving. Like I mentioned earlier a lot of people live in Delaware and work outside of Delaware. This is because Delaware is cheaper to live in, and it is close to a lot of big cities/states that offer more opportunities. It’s extremely common to live in DE but to work in PA, MD, VA, DC, or NJ.