What Activities are available to Seniors in Fairfield

It’s great to be a senior citizen in Fairfield, Conn.  Seniors have access to all the activities available to residents of the town plus the numerous additional activities, trips, classes and meals offered by the Fairfield Senior Center.

Seniors are everywhere in Fairfield. You find them in the education system, in politics, at the museums, the Audubon center, in the churches, on boards and committees; in fact, there isn’t a cause, passion, interest or charity in Fairfield that isn’t populated by people over the age of 65.

Many seniors are still working and don’t have time for senior centers, but when they are ready, The Fairfield Senior Center is one of the best in the state. Located at 100 Mona Terrace, it offers instruction, education, entertainment and plain old fun for active seniors.

According to the Seniors Go to Guide, the Fairfield center offers:

“Defensive driving courses; fitness and exercise programs; dancing; arts and crafts; bingo and card games; senior groups (music/singing, TV/video, investment, walking, others); movies; more. Elderhostel Institute Network and Learning in Retirement programs, computer classes and Continuing Education classes.”

It also provides numerous services, help and opportunities. The center offers counseling regarding Medicare, Medigap, federal income tax, real estate tax, fuel assistance, food share programs and a provides a list of people who will help seniors with home chores.

Social workers and other professionals are Center allies – there to help seniors with legal matters, long-term care questions, tax assistance, living wills and schedule home care visits for homebound seniors and find volunteer opportunities for seniors who are active and able to help others.

The center also offers scheduled health screenings and a delicious hot lunch Monday through Friday.

According to the seniorgotoguide.com, transportation services are available to Fairfield seniors including bus rides to and from:

The Fairfield Senior Center and local shopping, ($0.25 each way)

Medical appointments in Fairfield ($0.50 each way)

Trips to St. Vincent Hospital and Bridgeport Hospital ($1.00 each way) and to Bridgeport Commerce Park, ($1.00 each way).

Use of Fairfield transportation services requires a reservation two days in advance for scheduling. For more information or to make an appointment for a ride call 203-256-3168.

Tax relief, handyman services, housing for the elderly and disabled, rental assistance, even social services for the families of Fairfield seniors are available at all times to help seniors if they need help.

Tons of clubs are available for seniors and others including: The Gaelic-American Club, The Scandinavian Club, The Patterson Country Club. There are health clubs and community service clubs, golf courses and tennis courts. Everything a senior could want -from a resident who is still working and active to a senior who is ailing and needing assistance – is easily found in this amazing town.

Beaches, lakes, nature trails, fine dining and a downtown filled with interesting people and shops makes Fairfield CT an eclectic fun place to live; a place that welcomes everyone young or old and is as good a place to retire to as it is to raise a young family.