Westport Golf course

Nestled along the shores of the Long Island Sound, Westport, Connecticut is a great place to get away from the noise and lights of the city and to kick back and relax. While visiting, why not play a round of golf or two.

There many golf courses in the vicinity of Westport, however in this article, I’d like to highlight two of them, the two that I feel are the best when visiting Westport due to their proximity of Westport and the features they offer both seasoned and novice golfers, Longshore Golf Course and the Birchwood Country Club.

Longshore Golf Course is publicly owned and is maintained by the city of Westport and was voted as one of the best golf courses in America by Golf Digest in 2008. This picturesque course overlooks the Long Island Sound and its beauty is specially enhanced by a border of beautiful maple trees and its striking, well-manicured greens. Challenge is experienced by golfers of all experience levels on this course as they try and maneuver its smaller-than-average, well-bunkered greens. Although this course is not categorized as difficult, it is not easy either; it’s a course that most any golf enthusiast can enjoy. Playing this course is a fairly reasonable venture also, especially if you are a Westport resident as the 18-hole rate during weekdays is only $23, while it’s only $45 for a non-resident. On weekends, the rates are slightly higher, however they are still lower than most all private courses and a great rate for the great conditions of the course. The weekend rates are $25 for residents and $51 for non-residents. Tee times are every nine minutes and residents can reserve their tee times up to five days in advance. Private, group, and junior lessons are available and private clinics can also be arranged for modest fees.

Also in the near vicinity of Westport is the Birchwood Country Club. Birchwood offers a 9-hole, nicely landscaped private course with a total par of 36 and $60 green fees on weekdays and $70 green fees on weekends. This course’s greens are nicely contoured and very smooth putting surfaces are featured as well. Birchwood was voted as one of the top ten nine-hole golf courses in the United States at one time and is still a course where golfers enjoy trying their luck time and time again.

Golf enthusiasts are likely to enjoy their time in Westport as the area around the city features two amazing golf courses, Longshore Golf Course and the Birchwood Country Club. There are also many more courses within the Westport vicinity, so tee off already!