Walk in Westport

There are many places to take your dog for walks in Westport, CT, as it is a very dog friendly town. Whatever terrain you prefer walking on, Westport has it! There is Winslow Park, Compo Beach, and numerous smaller parks and woods along the Saugatuck River, to name a few.

Winslow Park is the best known. Among most residents, Winslow Park is known as the Baron’s Property. It was formerly known by a perfume maker by the name of Baron von Langerdorff. There are two parcels, on North Compo Road, and South Compo Road. The North Compo Road land is where the dog park is; dogs are not allowed on the South Compo Road property. It is a large and beautiful park that is relatively open with few trees, and rolling hills. This is a leash-free zone, and many dogs and their owners congregate here for exercise and conversation.

Another place to walk is Compo Beach, which is a beach that is on the Long Island Sound. It is located off of South Compo Road. Much of Westport’s property is waterfront, and Compo Beach is a great place to appreciate the shores of Westport. This isn’t specifically a dog park like Winslow, but it is a beautiful place to take a walk. Compo is the best known beach; there is also Burying Hill Beach, which is much quieter beach, located on Burying Hill Road. The only downside to this beach is that dogs are not allowed on it during the summer; but it is a great location in the fall and winter.

Moving towards the center of Westport, there are many walks along the Saugatuck River such as the Grace Salmon Park, a small park along Imperial Avenue; Eloise Ray Park on Riverside Avenue; Library Riverwalk, which is on Jesup Road right near the public library and Levitt Pavilion. These are all much smaller parks, but take advantage of the lovely riverside of the Saugatuck.

If it’s woods you prefer, Westport has that too! Going further north into Westport along the borders with Easton and Weston there are many different woods to enjoy. There is the Poses Propery, which is on Coleytown Road; Riverside Park on Riverside Avenue, which is a wooded trail that leads to the Saugatuck, as well as many others.

Westport is a great town to get a scenic walk in. It is well set up with trails, sidewalks, and paths. Although it is mainly known as a place for the very wealthy to live, it would be a shame to overlook one of it’s best characteristics: it is an ideally located town with many different terrains that is welcoming to people and dogs alike.