Volunteer-ism has saved lives, limbs, and has helped both families and communities. To volunteer means to give some of your time doing good service of any kind for the welfare of others or the community. In the case of Darian, CT there are several organizations that need volunteers. Volunteerism, however, can only be fulfilling if the cause or the charity you choose suits your personality and character. The delightful part of being a volunteer is that you actually like what you are doing, even if it’s for free.

If one is an animal lover for instance, you can visit the Friends of Animals Inc at Darien. This organization is both an advocacy and service oriented. The Friends of Animals Inc. aims to stop all and any forms of animal cruelty plus it does help several animal shelters by fund raising, offering free services and sponsoring projects fit for the aims of the organization.

Do you prefer to help others get an education and support literacy projects in the Darien area? Then there’s the organization called ABC in Darien. If you have the ability to invite corporate and individual sponsors for the cause of giving away scholarships for needy but deserving students of Darien then this is the right cause which might suit you. Or you could read and help the Arrowhead Foundation if you believe in giving others “small loans” for other people’s family emergencies or small business capital.

Darien also needs volunteers for the YWCA, which may need your services and advocacy. The YWCA isn’t just a modest place to house women but it also has an advocacy aimed at women empowerment. There is also the Bresnan Family Foundation located at the Old Kings Highway in Darien that may need your help in solicitation, poster-creation, art and other creative ideas to promote their cause.

If you are a medical practitioner such as a certified caretaker, nurse or doctor, you are welcome to volunteer at the American Society for Preventive Cardiology located at Parkland Drive, Darien. This organization educates and tries to help people who are crippled by heart and other disorders of the circulatory system.

If you remember your Little League days with joy and wish at times that you were a little kid again, then you can help The Andrew Shaw Memorial Trust of Darien which aims to help support the Little League by providing them with services, youth centers and club houses.

You may be more inclined to help and volunteer for Arabella, located at 7 Rabbit Lane, Darien if you believe that music and singing is essential in a civilized world. There is also the Darien Book Aid Plan located at 1926 Post Rd, Darien if you desire is to collect books to give away to others who need them or if you believe in creating libraries for the poor or even teaching those who are illiterate.

There is also the option of joining civic groups like the Rotary or Jaycees. Or even joining independent parish groups and helping soupkitchens in the area. Being a volunteer is an opportunity that is so often sorely missed by others who fail to look at voluntarism as a delight, but rather consider it a task. To volunteer is an expression of one’s desire to share of oneself with humanity. It is one of the highest expressions of love.

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