Things to do with Kids on Rainy Day in Danbury Ct

Are you in the Danbury area and want to get the kids out of the house and find something fun to do? Is rainy and wet weather holding you back? If so, don’t let it! The good news is there is plenty to do with the kinds on a rainy day in Danbury.

A popular place to go is the Danbury Fair Mall. Open daily, the mall is full of many stores to poke in, has a carousel and a large food court where you can take the kids out to lunch. In addition the mall offers a great play area for the kids. The Danbury Fair Mall is a great spot to kill a few hours and burn off some energy on those boring rainy days. The mall is conveniently located off of Interstate 84 and also near Federal Road and Route 7.

Movies are a terrific rainy day activity, especially during the colder months when many new children’s movies tend to be released. If you’re thinking about going this old stand-by route and want to take the kids to a morning or afternoon show, Danbury houses a huge AMC-Lowe’s movie theatre. Located at 61 Eagle Rd right off of Federal Road, this movie theatre has 16 screens and lots of fun activities for the kids in the lobby. You can call (203) 796-7777 to find out the current shows and times.

Do you want to give the kids a good time but are pressed for time because you have errands or grocery shopping to do? If so, why not check out Stew Leonards? Stews is a fantastic store to shop for your food because it is very kid friendly. When you walk in you’ll immediately see an ice cream shop and then the bakery section. You can purchase your kids ice cream to snack on as you shop, or if not, the bakery frequently offers free cookie samples which the kids love.

As you shop there are many other food samples kids love to try. Additionally one of the most child friendly attributes of Stew Leonards is the way the store has animated food characters set up throughout the store which sing and dance or just make fun sounds. Many are set up so the kids can activate them to move, others play continuously throughout the store. Characters are located along the ceiling, on the floors and on shelves. Younger kids love them and even the older kids get a kick out of the animation too.

As you complete your shopping, you might want to consider at stop at the diverse buffet and get the kids lunch, there are many kid friendly items offered including kids meals. If it is warm enough outside, you can “picnic” at one of the many tables located just outside the door. This is fun even on rainy days because the tables are sheltered. The best part about going to Stews on a rainy day is you can accomplish your errands and give the kids a fun time simultaneously.

Libraries are always fun rainy day destinations. The Danbury Library, located at 170 Main Street, offers plenty of flexibility on times to visit. The hours are Monday-Thursday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (closed Fridays). There are also weekend hours, Saturdays the library is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. year round. Sundays are seasonal, library hours are from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. from September to May.

The library offers story time and a great selection of books and you can sit and read to the kids. There are many activities going on at the Danbury library, just check out their calendar of events to see what appeals to you and the kids.

If it is too rainy for outdoor activity, why not head over to Danbury and check out all the city has to offer for those humdrum wet days? There are plenty of kid friendly eateries and places to explore throughout the city. These are only a few suggestions, but there is much to see and do with the kids on a rainy day in Danbury, CT.