Things to do in Stamford Ct during the Winter

Depending on where you live, winter can either be a time of year where you lock yourself away in hibernation until the snow melts, or it can be an opportunity to engage in some bracing wintertime activity. Stamford, CT is one place that caters for people who enjoy being active during the winter months, providing a wide variety of things to do in and around the city. Snowfall is no surprise for the residents of Stamford or the city fathers. While some places may come to a complete standstill due to lack of foresight, Stamford is geared up for the winter weather and makes the season one of the most active times of the year.


Wintertime in Stamford, Connecticut can be the most beautiful time of the year when a substantial snowfall carpets the city and turns it into a photographers paradise. No matter whether there is snow or rain, winter in Stamford offers so much for residents and visitors alike with all manner of things to keep you amused, entertained or relaxed. Any city worth its salt will have attractions that are unique to the area and Stamford is no exception. Though it may be winter, for many, this is the perfect opportunity for outdoor activities like skating, sled riding, building snowmen and the mandatory snowball fights.

If you plan to be in Stamford in the wintertime, make sure you don’t miss the UBS Parade which is one of the most spectacular helium balloon events you will ever see. This event signals the beginning of Stamford’s celebration of winter and all that it brings to the city. While snow might bring some cities to a standstill, in Stamford, it is a welcome sight for citizens, business owners and visitors who come regularly to benefit from all that the city has to offer at this time of year.


Winter in Stamford permits you to relive your childhood, to go back to the days before computers, cell phones, ipods and even television when families romped in the snow and enjoyed the brisk outdoor life for a season. Stamford takes full advantage of its true winter weather by arranging a Winterfest each year that provides great fun for the whole family. Winter is not a time to lock yourself away from the cold, inclement weather but is in reality, a reason to get yourself outdoors and join in the fun. If you enjoy the feel of winter and revel in the kind of activities it offers, you will find Stamford, CT to be a place that fully encourages this spirit.

This is not to say it is all about snow, ice and outdoor activities. Like most major cities in the United States, Stamford has its own history that can be studied in the Stamford Museum where you can learn much about Stamford and its roots, the people who built the city and view the progress made in transforming this growing city into the one it is now. The Stamford Museum is an opportunity for a great day out for those who prefer to stay indoors in the winter weather. A day tour of the Museum with a spot of lunch at one of the nearby eateries will make for a satisfying and educational day out.

Shopping is often a major pastime during the winter months as hordes of people head out for some Christmas shopping or to catch the sales after the New Year. The Stamford Town Center is the place for serious shoppers with over 100 stores situated in the giant mall. No need to trudge through snow or carry an umbrella as you stroll from store to store and stopping for a bite to eat at the Food Court. Regardless of the weather, you will find plenty to do in winter in Stamford, a place that is geared up to accommodate indoor and outdoor activities. Winter for many people is a time for sitting around at home watching television but should you find yourself in Stamford, you can put away the TV Guide for a while and enjoy everything the city has in store for you.