Things to do at Greenwhich Point in Connecticut

There are many places in the great state of Connecticut that are known for their rich culture, historical buildings and sites to visit, But one of the most popular places to experience is a little island called Greenwich point in Connecticut, Located in Greenwich between the old district and the new parks and recreation community, Greenwhich Point is rated 12th on Connecticuts list of the 100 Best Places to Live and visit in the United States. Greenwich is twice the size of Manhattan. The town has four beaches on the Long Island Sound, and The best one to visit is Greenwich point, out of the four islands you must purchase a daily pass to visit which is well worth the money for what these beaches have to offer.

A person or family can purchase a single visit beach pass for non-residents to Greenwich Point or any of the four other beaches for just $5 per person and $20 per car. picnic areas, a beach and small marina, make for a beautiful fun filled day at the beach, Tickets must be purchased at the town hall or the Eastern Greenwich Civic center.however, anyone can go to the point for free between November and April. The point has one of the most stunning views on theIsland you will ever see, and there are things for the kids to do also, there are skate parks, toys, trails, and great swimming areas to choose from, and some of them even have life guards at specific times if the year, so you can be worry free and enjoy yourself.

Greenwich Point Park is a very beautiful place to visit and among the best places are the trails filled with what they are also famous for and that is their many species of birds on the Island, Picnic tables are available and they are strategically placed for a great view of the water. This site has two seasonal shell fishing areas that close during the summer and one approved area on the south side that is open during the summer and you can buy a daily permit or a seasonal one and give it a try buy your digging supplies and dig for your own shellfish, kids just love this.

Greenwich’s point is one of the largest beaches in town and covers nearly 147 acres, Open year round, visitors encounter joggers, bicyclists and Rollerblades along the roadway and paths. Picnic tables and grills are found in the picnic areas. You can fish off the many rocky areas found along the rugged yet very beautiful peninsula. so whether your swimming, surfing or sailing greenwhich Point has many things to offer and all at a price to fit anyones budget.