The Top Restaurants in Downtown Hartford Ct

Finding a good place to eat is always a bit of a personal choice and often a difficult one to make. Do I want Italian or Chinese? What about Greek? Here are a few of the top choices in Hartford, CT downtown to fit any budget.

Watching your wallet?

Try Arch Street Tavern for a quick lunch or a great dinner. The menu includes many items under ten dollars and the service is wonderful. Recently voted “best happy hour in the state” by Connecticut magazine the tavern hosts live music and has a rustic charm.

If you’re looking for something other than pub food look no further than Aladdin Halal Restaurant. They serve all things Mediterranean from pizza to falafel. Even on a tight budget you can eat like a king. If you happen to be out late, perhaps you stayed at Arch Street till after the kitchen closed, then this is a good place to grab a late night snack.

Got a little extra and you want to celebrate, but you still need to pay the mortgage? Give these places a try.

Spris Restaurant is all about the atmosphere; located in the Constitution Plaza Spris has three glass walls offering a beautiful view of the city. If you’re looking for good Italian food that’s moderately priced in an upscale urban setting than this is the place for you. The even have live jazz Thursday nights if you’re looking for a little mood music.

Feng Asian Bistro has good food, good drink, and great sushi. At Feng you can spend a little or spend a lot but either way you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself. In response to the recent Taste of Hartford event that was held throughout the city awarded Feng the editorial award for most exotic menu.

When money is no object.

If we’re going to talk editorial awards than we must talk Costa del Sol voted the best overall restaurant, overall menu, decor, entre, appetizer, and owners this is place worth checking out. Costa del Sol is a bit pricier than the others listed, but the Spanish cuisine is highly rated. You expect to pay around $20 to $25 for most entres.

Both Max Downtown and Morton’s Steakhouse mean one thing and one thing only steak. Expect your main course to be around $30, but you get what you pay for. Both restaurants are very highly rated and use top quality steak. If steaks not your thing, both restaurants do have a few fish choices as well.

Regardless of what you’re in the mood for or how much you have to spend downtown Hartford has a little something for everyone.