The Significance of Hartford Public High School

The significance of Hartford Public High School in the State of Connecticut is due to it being the 2nd oldest high school in America. Founded in 1638 as Thomas Hooker’s Latin, it began as a school for boys who wanted to further their education. The school mostly taught Latin and Greek as they were required for higher education. During the 1700’s, the school began teaching English as well as mathematical studies. The name was changed to Hartford Public High School in 1847.

Today it is a four year accredited public high school offering its student body five dimensional learning. As freshman walking through the doors of this historic school, each first year student becomes part of the Freshman Academy. All students in grades 10-12 can detail what type of education they want and need to pursue a career of choice. The school splits off into four different Academies of Learning. This readies a student for college or assists them in the workforce. This has proven productive for the student body as well as the City of Hartford.

*Law and Public Service Academy:

Students who wish to go on to become police officers, firefighters, or work in public service will achieve the necessary class work to help them obtain their dreams. This academy also offers direction for those who hope for a legal career.

*Nursing Academy:

This academy specializes in medical and sciences. Those wishing to enter a nursing or medical field will find they have been groomed with excellence. Classes are geared toward all medical fields, whether they chose to become a nurse, doctor, or EMT.

* Academy of Engineering:

Many of the kids today are computer savvy before they enter high school. Some will go on to fantastic careers as Software Engineers and Computer Technicians. Classes held within the Academy of Engineering help kids find their niche. Whether they choose computer, electronics, or many of the other fields involved in engineering, a student at HPHS, is given all the opportunities he need to live a financially steady life.

* Construction and Renovation:

The students enrolled in these classes are helping to rebuild this 359 year old Historic high school as well as homes for needy families. Many of the graduates of this class are hired after graduation in the fields they have worked hard in for the final years of school. Carpenters, draftsmen, architect, and many other building jobs.

Hartford Public High School is significant in history due to being the 2nd oldest high school in America, as well as its location next door to Mark Twain’s house and fellow author, Harriett Beecher Stowe’s ( Uncle Tom’s Cabin ) house. They are located in the historic area called Asylum Hill Neighborhood. HPHS is a school where history erupts the moment you drive onto its street.