The best Restaurant in the Saugatuck Section of Westport Ct

Westport Connecticut is know for their famous beaches, parks, golf courses and many museums, but have you heard of The Best talked about Restaurant in town? There is a quaint little place that is located on 1330 Post Road E in the Saugatuck section of Westport called the Tengda Asian bistro, and they are famous for their succulent, buttery soft rolls that just melt in your mouth, They also have the freshest fish that is served daily and a great people watching scene as you eat, they have the best pasta dishes you have ever tired and they also have one of the freshest tasting salads to go with your pasta, The atmosphere and beautiful sounding lounge like music is also excellent while dining, the staff are friendly and the service is excellent, and the smells that you experience while waiting to be served are just extraordinary, and it seems like no matter what you order on their very wide variety of choices on the menu, you will want to complement the chef when you are done. This is the best restaurant to dine at in the Saugatuck section in beautiful Westport Connecticut.

If you are not in the mood for Asian cuisine and fine dining such as the Tengda has to offer, You could also try a restaurant called the Acqua, the chef here cooks with an American flare, and you will feel much more family oriented and relaxed, This restaurant is located right in the center of downtown Westport it is called Acqua and it is located on 43 main street, They are famous for their beautiful views of the Saugatuck river, they are open for lunch and dinner and they have excellent food, they specialize and focus on their Italian, french and Spanish cuisine, Spanish talapa is highly recommended here and so is the Pizza, Their Pizza is piled high with cheese and toppings that will keep you coming back for more and all at a great price and the atmosphere and service along with the beautiful murals and decor make for a perfect setting to dine.

The last best place to dine in the Saugatuck area in Westport is a place called Bertucci’s, they are located at 1092 Post Road E next to Tengdas, they have a very fresh Italian American cuisine and are known for their very taste pizza and pasta dishes that are fired and baked in a homemade brick oven, you will love the friendly and casual atmosphere as you dine here, they also have a full bar and private rooms that you can book for parties, receptions, business meetings and that special anniversary celebration for two. So enjoy and most of all Bon Apetite’!