The best Companies to Work for in new Canaan Ct

Despite the media declaring a recession, there are some cities and towns in America that seem unaffected by the reports of massive layoffs. One of these places is New Canaan, CT where there seems no significant change in people live and conduct their routinary businesses.

New Canaan has a reputation of being one of the most affluent places in America. The most popular companies in the world can be found at New Canaan such as Pitney Bowes in Stramford which is still hiring Executives, Managers, and Staff despite the news of thousands of people losing their jobs. Thus, while other companies are laying off their employees, this company is now hiring.

Then there is IBM, another global company, also located within the New Canaan area. It hardly looks like IBM is laying off any employees but rather hiring people – particularly in the technical and IT sectors- and preferably within the New Canaan area. They also have a need for minor staffing like customer care and technical support jobs.

Michael Page International Company located in Stramford is likewise one of the most reputable companies in the world located in the New Canaan area. Like the other two major companies, it has announced that it is hiring employees. Thus, if you happen to be a financial planner, Portfolio Manager, Tax Manager, Payroll specialist or possess great secretarial skills then this company may only be too willing to hire you.

Excel Partners, another major company in the New Canaan area, is more interested in those with medical training.This company also needs secretaries, bookkeepers, administrative assistants, customer service officers and a long list of staff.

If you happen to be interested in cars and SUVs, there is the Karl Chevrolet Company at New Canaan that is hiring more sales staff. Extra bonus should you be employed is 50% off any car you may choose to buy. Cable companies also abound in the area like Comcast and Cablevision, two popular and reputable cable companies that are likewise hiring.

Hiring is also going on at the Robert Half Technology particularly if you happen to be an IT professional. If you are simply “techie”, however, they can also train you before hiring or you could work for their customer care of technical support group.

Since New Canaan is obviously one of the richest places in the USA, and probably in the world, business there seems going on undaunted by dire predictions. Companies seem to be working fine and dandy and the New Canaan area is definitely optimistic about its business future.