The best Companies to Work for in new Canaan Ct

Seeking an emloyment opportunity in New Canaan, CT should see you spoiled for choice in a location that prides itself on a very strong economy and a wide choice of companies that are ever expanding. Companies, large and small are at the ready, willing to expand their worforce with good financial remuneration. Why New Canaan though?

The highly respectable website carried a feature on the 25 top-earning towns with the headline: “Wondering where the wealth is? Residents of these 25 places have the highest median family incomes in the country.” Top of this impressive list was New Canaan, Connecticut with figures that are equally impressive. With a population of just under 20,000, a median family income of $231,000 and median house prices around 1.4 million dollars, it is easy to see why people might gravitate to this opulent area in search of a company for which to work.


This healthy economy in New Canaan is testimony to the success of numerous companies within the locality, businesses both large and small that all contribute to the wealth and growth. If you are on the lookout for a suitable company that will allow you to prosper in this wealthy town, there are plenty to choose from. Living in New Canaan does not necessarily mean physically working in the town because much of the growth and success comes from residents who work within reach of the town, such as in nearby Stamford. Any successful town relies on successful business men and women, not to mention good employees who help maintain a healthy economy.

There are a few major companies in and around New Canaan that would set you up for life, companies like IBM and Excel for example are unlikely to go out of business anytime soon. The stability these companies offer their workforce produces a true feeling of security in the midst of a shaky financial system. The beauty of companies like IBM and EXCEL is that they are both liable to grow and therefore open up greater opportunity for those seeking a new career. They both offer diverse job listings with pay rates that will be most welcome. Both can be researched online for updates on positions that may be opening and any qualifications required.


Though we may often focus on major companies like those mentioned above, New Canaan is a place where many smaller affairs are steadily growing such is the healthy state of the economy in this part of the United States. Looking around the town and surrounding localities will help you see the extent of the opportunities that some of the lesser companies can offer. Perhaps finding your place in a steadily growing company will be preferable to a position in a large corporation. New Canaan encourages companies to expand and as we noted earlier, there is no shortage of money in the area, money that business people in New Canaan are sharing around through good business practice.

In the heart of town there are numerous businesses and companies that are steadily growing which seems to indicate that New Canaan could very soon have much more than 20,000 as a population figure. Where there is growth, there is success and you can be in no doubt that joining one of the growing companies in New Canaan will give you a career that could prove very fruitful for you. IBM and EXCEL are perhaps the two most outstanding companies you will find in the New Canaan area, but there are many more waiting in the wings that will no doubt share in the continued growth of this top-earning town.