Some of the best Places around Eating in Greenwich Ct

The question in Greenwich, Connecticut is not whether you can find a good restaurant to eat at when your there, but rather how your going to choose which of there fine dining experiences you are going to partake in. Greenwich has something for just about any discerning palate within its limits, and your sure to find that both the experience, as well as the atmosphere, to be one that you will remember for quite awhile. So, without further adieu, let us take a look at some of the best restaurants in the Greenwich area.

If your looking for an excellent dining experience, but with a bit more of an elegant feel, the place to go is Thomas Henkelmann’s, but remember that they do require a jacket gents if you decide to dine there. The restaurant is named after its founder, owner, and head chef, who have created a wonderful experience for his guest. For those folks who want to relax a bit before sitting down to dinner, they have a magnificent lounge, where patrons can enjoy a drink before going into the dining room. Once in the dining room, your eye will be caught by the eclectic blend of antiques, which interact well with the decor, and the smell of the fresh baskets of flowers around the room. When you sit down to eat, be ready for your mouth to water to their mix of French and European cuisine. High on the list of recommendations are their dishes featuring fresh Maine lobster, as well as several pasta dishes that they are well known for.

Are you more of an all around seafood lover? Well then, look no further than the Elm Street Oyster House to banish that craving. This is not a spot that requires any type of reservation, but as dinnertime rolls around, the place is always packed, and that is just about every night. The best feature of this little hot spot? It has to be the raw bar! They have such a variety of selection that you cannot possibly get one of everything on one trip. So make sure your prepared to make several jaunts up to it. Do not let me leave you though with the impression that this is all they have. Their menu features some great seafood dishes and appetizers as well. Have you ever had a crab quesadillas? If you have not, this is something you simply have to put on your list to try.

If you have a taste for something with a little more Middle Eastern feel to it, well then the place for you to rest your heels at is a fine little restaurant named Mediterraneo. The food is superb and it’s made up of any number of Mediterranean dishes, which will make your mouth water with anticipation. Depending on your preference that evening, you can have a meal based on chicken, veal, fish, or beef, all from dishes whose influences come from all over, including Italy and Greece just to name a few. Sitting in this place, you get the rich feel of its art deco decor, and really can enjoy yourself, as well as the lively atmosphere around you. It is also very reasonably priced for those worried about their budget. You cannot go wrong here.

Is Italian your cup of tea? Well Greenwich has you covered there as well. Stop into Pasta Vera, and you will know that you have made an excellent choice for your eating enjoyment. Where to start with this place. How about with a salad? All of there salads are simply fabulous, and the one thing you notice though is that all of the ingredients, whether it be the tiny tomatoes, the lettuce, or whatever, are all of the freshest quality, and that brings out the best of the salad and its ingredients. After the salad, you will even have a more difficult time trying to decide what to have for a main course. The choices seem endless, between their many varieties of pizza, to some of the best homemade pasta dishes you will ever sample. This place has some of the best Italian food I have ever tried.

Folks, this is just a small sampling of what Greenwich has to offer. I could probably write for hours on at least 20 other restaurants in this locale, but what you really need to do is come to Greenwich and do a little bit of sampling yourself. I guarantee you that both you, as well as your stomach, will be all the happier for it.