Small Town Guide Portland Connecticut

Portland, Connecticut is located in Middlesex County. The Connecticut River runs along the town. The town includes eight marinas, boat clubs and golf courses. The school system that serves the Portland area includes four high schools, one intermediate school, one middle school, and two specialty schools. There are four main attractions in Porltand, Connecticut and they are the Arrigoni Bridge, Portland Brownstone Quarries, Providence & Worcester railroad bridge, and Williams and Stancliff Octagon Houses. Many people condider this town an excellent place to live and work. All of the schools are nationally acclaimed. There is also a modern library.

The town of Portland is centered on families, friendship and history. There are many local shops for people to meet up and chat. There are many active churches in the area as well. Special events in the town occur throughout the year. Many special programs are offered for children. A Senior Center provides many activities for senior citizens. Riverfront marinas, festivals, concerts, and a fair provide exciting entertainment for the locals and visitors. This is an excellent place to visit on vacation because there is so much to enjoy. Portland has a street called Main Street which attracts crowds of walkers, joggers and bikers. The Meshomasic State Forest is located in Portland and draws many nature lovers.

This town offers much charm as it is located between Boston and New York. In just a short travel distance you can have access to shopping malls, universities, airports, restaurants, beaches, sport arenas, ski slopes and more. The locals are quite friendly and welcoming to visitors and they are also very helpful in giving directions. There are many hotels that are located in and around the area that offer excellent accommodations to visitors. They also offer maps and driving directions for around the town. They want to ensure that your visit is a very enjoyable one.

Many people who come to visit Portland do not want to leave. Some even come back to live here because it is a really beautiful place with so many friendly people. If you are interested in relocating to Portland, then your online travel agency can offer you some great tips and advice about relocating to the area. Many people consider it the best place to live, work and play. You will never experience a dull moment when you visit Portand, Connecticut. It is a great community to raise kids as well.