Private Schools Danbury Connecticut Wooster School Immanuel Lutheran Cheshire Academy

With the rising tide of violence in public schools today more and more parents are looking into the idea of private schooling for their children. While safety is usually the deciding factor in choosing a private over public school for most parents, it is also good to know that private schools can and do offer quality education to their children.

For those of you who live in or near Danbury Connecticut, here are some of the best quality and safe private schools for your children.

Chase Coligate. School address:555 Chase Parkway, Waterbury, Connecticut.

Chase teaches students pre kindergarten through 12th grade. There are approximately 500 children who make up the schools student body, with a student teacher ratio of 7:1. The average class size is 12, which means your child will get plenty of one on one instruction. Not only will your child receive an excellent basic education, but the school offers accelerated programs and studies abroad to help enrich your child’s education.

They also offer an independent Studies program that allows your child to to peruse his own areas of interest.

Chase collegiate prepares students to excel in college and recent graduates of the school have attended many institutions of Higher learning, George Washington and Brown University.

Wooster School address:91 Miry Brook Rd, Danbury Connecticut.

Wooster School teaches students K-12 with an emphasis on academics, community, character, and kindness. Wooster in a faith based non denominational school. It’s mission is to instill a love for life longing learning, reading and writing.As well as basic education programs, Wooster offers extensive programs in art, music, and theater. It also has many athletic programs.

There are also 18 advanced placement courses for grades 9-12, Independent study programs, and a year spent abroad in France or Spain for those students who qualify.

The school sits on a 125 acre campus and was founded in 1926. Recent graduates of this school have went on to Amherst, Barnard, Cambridge, Carnegie-Mellon and other prestigious institutions of higher learning.

Cheshire Academy. School address 10 Main Street, Cheshire Connecticut.

Cheshire Academy is a boarding and day school. It has a population of around 400 students grades 6-12. These students come from over 30 different countries, giving all students a diverse look at other cultures. The student teacher ratio is 7:1.

Cheshire academy believes that Education is not done to students, it is done within students and strives to provide the best in basic student based education with a high emphasis on learning.

The school sits on a 104 acre campus, and has many weekend activities for those who board there during the school term.

Immanuel Lutheran. School address: 18 Clapboard Ridge Road, Danbury, Connecticut.

Immanuel Lutheran is a church based school for children pre kindergarten through 8th grade. The student body numbers just over 100 and the class sizes are extremely small offering a lot of one on one instruction.

The hallmarks of this school is a nurturing environment, a well above average education, and highly qualified and skilled teachers. Classes in Spanish, Art, and Music, are offered as well as a good all round basic education. The school works with parents to continue instilling the family values that are important while at the same time stressing emotional and academic growth.

While the Danbury School system offers many fine schools, both in the public and private sector these four schools seem to have that something extra that provides students not only with a safe environment to learn, but with a desire to continue learning long past graduation. They are some of the finest examples of the kind of quality education children can get when teachers and parents are both dedicated to a child’s development and learning. These are truly some of the best private schools in Danbury, Connecticut, or anywhere .