Positive Experiences with Fairfields Public Safety Personnel

Imagine, a woman with a 7 month old child and a 3 year old; a husband who’s away on business for two weeks; a brand new house that she’s just moved into and her mother who is disabled. These two women and children were holding down the fort, so to speak, while dad was out earning the money.

Timing wasn’t fantastic; usually it’s really nice if both mom and dad are there on move in day. But people must be flexible. So the elderly mother said she’d stay a few nights in the brand new house with her daughter.

Everything in the house was new. The grandma couldn’t work the dryer or washer; the dishwasher had more buttons than a space ship, so the grandma tried unpacking boxes worrying that the kids were coming down with summer colds.

The refrigerator would be delivered that day or the next. Someone would figure out the alarm system soon and the AC problems were slated for repair in a day or two.

So the mother, grandmother and children all went to bed and slept soundly, each and every one of them had experienced a “hard day” whether young or old.

Now it’s two AM. All is well until a door blows open on the lower level – a screeching sound takes over the house and the neighborhood. The mom and grandmom thought that door was closed tight and assume there’s a serial killer who has just entered the home.

I can still shiver remembering this day.

Unfamiliar with the new security system, the mom and grandmom are terrified, have no idea where the security breech has occurred and run to the childrens’ rooms half crazed.

Then came Fairfield’s Finest. What fantastic emergency personnel showed up to help: fire fighters and police were at the house within a few minutes, calming down a harried mom, screaming children and a grandmother who was frozen in fear.

I have never witnessed such incredible and almost instant service from any town’s safety personnel.

If you don’t feel safe in Fairfield you won’t feel safe anywhere.

Fairfield police have had to handle everything from Lewis the cat, (accused of attacking people for no reason) to the stabbing of resident Barry James, (because a two-year old child said he came into her room on “starry nights”.

Just because Fairfield appears to be the ideal town doesn’t mean there aren’t some odd occurrences that call for the bravery and kindness of Fairfield police.

And, just so you know the police are not the only unbelievably kind and good service professionals in the town, picture this.

Same mom and same grandmom; different house. This house is still in Fairfield but it’s move in day, yet again, and dad is guess where? On a business trip.

Exhausted, mom, grandmom and kids finely go to sleep and at two AM, again, the alarm goes off that says: Get out, Fire Fire, Get out Get out, Fire Fire.

The previous resident had not shut off her alarm system causing the old alarm and the new alarm to have compatibility problems.

Within a minute or two, both the police and the fire department were there to help.

Again apologies are offered and accepted and then one of the firefighters said: We would always rather that our call is for an alarm problem than a fire that could endanger our residents’ lives.

I never forgot what he said.

There might be a community with police and firefighters as good as Fairfield Connecticut, but I am sure none better.