Oyster Town

For everyone from the Norwalk, Connecticut area, it’s no secret that the Norwalk area is known for its oysters. Norwalk is in the perfect area for oyster harvesting as the city is located on the shores of the Long Island Sound, a body of water that is an extension of the Atlantic Ocean.

Oyster town is a fitting nickname for the city of Norwalk because it is undoubtedly the Oyster Capitol of Connecticut. More oysters are harvested there than in other places in the area of the Northeast United States.

The freshest oysters from miles around can be found in the Norwalk area at its markets and stores and in its restaurants. This is a longstanding tradition and resulted in the dubbing of Nowalk as Oyster Town. It’s what the city or town, in earlier days, was most known for by those living outside its limits.

Oysters made the city of Norwalk what it is today; their abundance spurred a highly successful industry and created many, many, many jobs, which brought people from near and far to the city that is now known as Norwalk, Connecticut to make their homes. Those first pioneers and future generations have kept developing the oyster into the giant it is today and make it as well known as it is in both the Northeast and all over the country. Besides simply selling the oysters at local fisherman’s markets, stores, and restaurants, Norwalk’s oysters are also shipped all over the United States and to many other countries as well. Many people are very happy to get a gift of Norwalk’s finest oysters; they beat canned ones any day. It doesn’t take long to discover that! This industry has increased employment even more as people work in call centers for these businesses as well as directly on the shores in the oyster industry.

Oysters are a symbol of Norwalk and have been from its earliest days. When oysters were discovered in abundance along the city’s shores, the city gained wealth which developed into future industry that developed rapidly at first and then more steadily later on. The oyster industry adapted to the changing times, integrating technology and harvesting oysters and a faster and more efficient rate.

Next time you hear Norwalk called “Oyster Town”, just think of its history and what puts the city on the map and it will all make sense. Oysters are very important to Norwalk and define its history and the way it is today. Although Norwalk is not known only for its oysters anymore, oysters were very important in the community’s roots.