Norwalk Oyster Town

Located along the northern coastline of the Long Island Sound, the city of Norwalk, Connecticut is known for its abundance of oysters and has been throughout history. The city’s oyster industry makes it stand out amongst other cities and boosts its economy significantly. It’s actually no surprise that the city of approximately 84,500 people has been dubbed “Oyster Town”.

Is there more to the story? Is there an actual story behind the nickname of “Oyster Town”,simply besides the fact that oysters can readily be found on the shores of this community, are frequently sold in its stores, and are dished out on plates in its restaurants?

No, there really isn’t a single story behind the nickname of “Oyster Town”, however oysters have had a major significance in Norwalk for hundreds of years. They provided a source of food for the city’s people and more importantly, an industry that helped the city to grow and thrive. Oysters are not found everywhere, but are sought out by many. Norwalk’s oyster abundance provided jobs to thousands of people and allowed people to support themselves and their families. Many people have made Norwalk their home to work in the oyster industry. Without oysters and everything they provide to the Norwalk community, the city, its people, and its overall economy would suffer.

To commemorate the significance of oysters in Norwalk, an Oyster Festival is held annually in Veterans Park on the weekend after Labor Day. This festival is similar to a State Fair, however the prime focus is on oysters, including the history of the oyster industry in Norwalk. A great variety of food, entertainment, and vendors provide festival goers with many options and an enlightening experience.

Oysters are likely to continue to hold great significance in Norwalk far into the future as well as the oyster industry is highly respected and well-preserved. Coastal conditions are kept at a level where the oyster population is allowed to thrive and oyster shells are planted back into the sea to serve as shelters for baby oysters and encourage their development. The oyster industry provides a great deal of jobs to Norwalk’s citizens and its oysters are in demand all over the country and in many parts of the world.

While there is no single reason for Norwalk being dubbed “Oyster Town”, it’s no surprise that the city is known by that name with the impact that oysters have had on its history, its people, and its economy.