Norwalk Islands

If you are a nature lover and live in the Northeast, then consider visiting the beautiful Norwalk Islands. These islands, which number around 25, populate waters near the Connecticut towns of Norwalk and Westport.

It is widely believed that the Norwalk Islands were formed by glaciers. In their current form, they are thriving places filled with incredibly diverse wildlife.

Below is a brief overview of the Norwalk Islands.

* What are the names of some of the larger islands? What can you expect when visiting them?

While it would be cumbersome to provide the names of the more-than-20 islands in this article, let’s touch on a few of the well-known ones. The largest one is Chimon Island, with its size being close to 60 acres.

As part of the Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge, there are several regulations in place on this island. You cannot camp overnight, and no access to certain parts of the island is allowed during the months when birds nest.

If you want to camp, you may want to consider Shea Island. This rocky island is home to multiple camping sites. If you like to make s’mores and tell stories by the campfire, then Shea Island may be a good fit for you.

Second in size to Chimon Island is Sheffield Island. If you are into seals or clambakes, then Sheffield Island is a must-stop for you! And, if you are a history buff, you will want to be sure to check out the famous lighthouse on this island.

* What wildlife inhabits the Norwalk Islands?

There are all kinds of wildlife to be found on these islands. And, fortunately, there are many laws and regulations in place to offer protection to the original inhabitants of these islands.

For bird lovers, you are in luck as there are many bird species to be spotted. The island most noted for its bird population is Cockenoe Island. This island is home to many kinds of waterfowl. Herons and black ducks are commonly found here.

Seals are a popular attraction to the islands. With their shiny black bodies and adorable mannerisms, seals certainly deserve to be crowd favorites. Deer also live on the islands, and you may be lucky enough to see some of these majestic creatures.

The scent of sweet honeysuckle fills in the air in some areas while others are thick with thorn thickets and sassafras. You may run across some wild berries as well.

* What are some popular things to do at Norwalk Islands?

When you plan a visit to these islands, there will be no shortage of things to do! You can schedule a boat tour of the islands, which is both scenic and informative. Or you may want to plan a short camping trip.

Some adventurous types enjoy boating and kayaking in the area. Still others go for hikes or bird-watching outings. For those who like to fish and hunt, you can find opportunities to do so at Norwalk Islands as well.

Norwalk Islands are beautiful and rugged. They are a delightful place to spend some time. If you are interested in visiting, you will not be disappointed. There is more than enough to do and see on these lovely islands.