Museum Reviews the Childrens Museum in West Hartford Ct

Words are insufficient to describe the awe-inspiring Children’s Museum in West Hartford, CT. Arriving at the museum the first thing you will meet is Conny. He is the 60 foot long sperm whale replica that greets you as you enter, “just as he has every other visitor for the past 30 years”. You can go inside for a visit and hear how a whale sounds and watch him spray water into the air through his blow hole. You may even get wet!

The museum was founded in 1927 and has since become the fifth largest children’s museum in the United States, and the oldest one in the state of Connecticut. It has been voted “Best Children’s Museum” for the past three consecutive years.

The Children’s Museum is a hands-on museum that teaches children all about science and nature through a number of intriguing exhibits. They have a 30 foot long kaleidoscope you can walk through, small animals, a planetarium and the United Technology Wildlife Sanctuary among other exhibits.

On the lobby level you will encounter the Kids Corner. The children will thoroughly enjoy playing here as they can crawl through things and act silly. Here they can also learn about bubbles, something children of all ages enjoy.

Critter Crossing on the upper level is just the place for your toddlers. They can play and discover many different things as they go from one activity to another. This is an exciting environment with a nature theme.

The museum has a wonderful earth science exhibit where you can walk through a tunnel and learn about rocks and mining. It includes a live alligator and models of life-sized Dinosaurs. By this time you may be getting tired, hungry or thirsty and you can sit down at the Dino Cafe and take a relaxing break. Around the Dino Cafe there are fish tanks at lower heights for the children to enjoy.

Outside you can see the UT Wildlife Sanctuary and the 80 some animals it houses. If you time your visit just right you will be able to watch the staff feed the animals and learn about each animal’s special diet. Children of all ages will enjoy seeing the different animals and watching them in their special habitats.

The Childrens Museum in West Hartford, CT, is a museum that the entire family will enjoy. No one is ever too old or too small to enter its doors and learn something new.