Hiking Trails Kent Connecticut Hiking in Kent Connecticut

Take a Hike! How many times during childhood did an older brother, sister, or neighbor say those three words to you? In Kent, Connecticut you hear these words a lot and they take on a whole new meaning.

Located in Litchfield county, Kent, Connecticut is a romantic and beautiful east coast town known for its friendly atmosphere and quaint little bed and breakfasts. But the true beauty of Kent is it’s Madrid of hiking trails. These trails offer a range of view from short hikes along the coast, to woodland walks complete with waterfalls, to strenuous hikes for the experienced hiking enthusiast. No matter what your hiking experience there is a hiking trail that is just right for you. Here are just a few of the best hiking trails Kent has to offer.

Bluff Point coastal Reserve Trail. If you are a novice hiker, or just want to enjoy a leisurely hike along the ocean then the Bluff point trail is ideal for you. It is a relaxed walk along a typical east coast shoreline. The trail is clean easy to follow and the views from the bluff are quite stunning. Just the right combination of sun, sea, and exercise to unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature.

River Road Section of the Appalachian Trail. The Appalachian trail, extends from Georgia to Maine going through several other states and ranging over 2000 miles in length. The trail offers hikers a variety of hiking experiences. While much of the trail is designed for the more experienced hiker, the River Road Section of the trail provides beginner hikers with a pleasant and manageable hike on the trail made famous by Daniel Boone.

River Road section of the trail is a nice hike, with quite water, varied environments, and a chance to see all kinds of small wildlife. In the fall the color is spectacular.

Kent Falls State Park Hiking Trail. This trail is only of a mile from the starting point to the top of the falls. While it is suitable for almost everyone, the hike is a straight up climb to the falls. People with heart problems and asthma should take it slow and easy. The entire hike is made next to the falls and there are plenty of places to rest and get some beautiful views. Once at the top of the falls, you get an exciting view of the falls as they cascade down. The trail then loops back to the parking lot of the park.

Macedonia Brook State Park Hiking Trail. The trail at Macedonia state park is actually several trails all rolled into one. The blue trail is for people with more hiking experience and takes you over four peaks the tallest being 1,300 feet. The trail follows a flowing stream, and some clambering over rocks. Abundant wild life can be seen, including turkey vultures flying overhead. It is a challenging day hike that is 6.8 miles long.

For those of you who are not up to a challenging hike there are several smaller trails that lead to the blue trail that range from easy hiking to moderately challenging. This Trail alone offers a hike that is right for almost anyone.

For those of you who enjoy hiking, whether a beginner or an experienced hiker, Kent, Connecticut has a trail that is right for you. So get out, enjoy the beauty of nature, and listen to my sister, Take a Hike!