Greenwich Ct in Winter what to do

By now most social climbers have heard of Greenwich, Connecticut a relatively small town just North of New York city and within scamming distance of Wall Street. Greenwich has one of the highest incomes per capita on earth with home prices to match yet in other ways it is the quintessential New England town complete with local luncheonettes as well as “show me the label all the time” shops for those who known as newly rich – which most Greenwich residents today are. The real money moved from Greenwich long ago as it did from the Hamptons on Long Island.

Yet I digress. The best thing to do with your children in Greenwich in winter is to get out of there.

There is no great powder skiing anywhere close and the weather is often unkind. I would suggest spending the winter in Palm Beach, far from the air traffic patterns that haunt the ritzier part of town with 5000 decibel noise from Gulstream V’s and Boca Raton charter jets circling the area. Stay in the north where things are quieter and tourists are few. Shopping is great on Worth Avenue if you have a few hundred thousand a year for wardrobe expenses.

Hate Florida? Then why not jet to the new adult Disneyland in the Gulf. Dubai is great for almost everything for families and couples who like to toss their money down and get some traction for it. While the dollar is nearly worthless at this writing, you can still get a room at the priciest hotels for under a thousand a night. The temperatures are warm – often over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, but you can ski in Dubai – and indoors. You can also surf indoors and the shopping is better than Madison Avenue and cheaper if you know what you’re doing.

Another choice might be La Jolla, California. This should be the sister city of Greenwich although La Jolla is a bit bigger and lot newer. What La Jolla has going for it is more warmth and even higher real estate prices as well as more privately owned Nobel Prize winners and Pulitzer hopefuls. Stop by the Salk Institute and check out the sculpture – some of it priceless. Perhaps you might stay at La Jolla Beach & Tennis – or simply rent a house on the beach from any of the 267 bleached blond realtors located there.