Find Dinosaurs in Ctmuseumsyale Peabody Musuem in Connecticut

Can you imagine if our planet still had dinosaurs? In theory, it does. Yet they exist by viewing and learning about them through historical artifacts that have been collected by agriculturist.

Where can you see and learn about dinosaurs in Connecticut? The Peabody Museum of Natural History has scientific collections on display. It is the only museum in Connecticut that has exhibits of mounted fossils of the dinosaurs Apatosaurus (Brontosaurus), and Deinonychus. The museum is source of science education in Connecticut.

The history behind The Peabody Museum begins with Othiniel Charles Marsh (between 1870 and 1873). He was the nephew of a wealthy international financier we know in history as George Peabody. Othiniel lead students of Yale into the West to search for fossils. The most famous findings are the dinosaurs he named Apatosaurus (also known as The Brontosaurus), The Stegosaurus and The Triceratops. What we know as the Brontosauris, of which the fossil skeleton was discovered by Othiniel Marsh, is the first site seen in the Peabody Museum. There are also other displays from ancient times and dioramas of what is known as art and science, giving the vision of what the natural world is.

Are We There Yet? We certainly are. Having the Peabody Museum, located in New Haven, is a museum that keeps historical artifacts and other ancient historical items alive on display. To me, it is a fact that through the work of Othiniel Charles Marsh, dinosaurs still exists on the Earth by his findings of their skeletons and other fossils.

The Peabody Museum of Natural History was founded in 1866. There you will find the greatest collections of Othiniel Charles Marsh. It is the only museum in Connecticut that has this collection. But there is more that meet the eye. You will also be able to view collections from Ancient Egypt, Native Americans and more. Learn about other cultures and view other displays of minerals and extinct species of North American fauna, flora and meteorites. The Peabody Museum also displays other interesting and educational works of science and art that change throughout the year.

It is a Museum that I loved visiting as a child and loved going back to visit with my own children. The Peabody Museum is not only a large attraction through Yale in New Haven and surrounding towns, but the entire State of Connecticut. The honorable part is this museum is known to many societies world wide.

The attraction within the Peabody Museum serves as a purpose of history dating back to when dinosaurs roamed the earth. This museum is a vital source of education for all ages, including those who are in current studies of science in the higher sector of education. It also is a land mark of Yale University in Connecticut, a University that many of our past United States Presidents attended.