Dinosaur Museum Park Connecticut

Dinosaurs, which moved on the Earth over 60 million of years ago, can be seen today at some of Connecticut’s many dinosaur museums and exhibitions. The sounds of their thunderous roars and the sight of their massive jaws can be found at several locations across Connecticut and dinosaur lovers from around the world can experience them. From life sized dioramas to expedition digging to movies that bring you back to the time when they roamed the earth, you can be a part of it all. Connecticut is home to many places to where you can see dinosaurs come to life, including:

Dinosaur State Park

Founded in 1968 after the discovery of 2,000 dinosaur tracks near the area, the Dinosaur State Park has two life sized dioramas for the dinosaur lover to experience, one from the Triassic period and one from the Jurassic periods. Check out the auditorium to see the 25 minute movie Step into the Early Jurassic with “exceptional animations which explain the formation of tracks, movement of the continents, and how rock layers are formed.”

Contact them: www.dinosaurstatepark.org or call (860) 529-8423

Location: 400 West Street Rocky Hill, Connecticut.

Admission: $5 for Adults (over 13), $2 for children (5-13) and free for
Children (under 5)

Hours: Tuesday-Sundays from 9:00 am 4:30 pm

The Great Hall of Dinosaurs at The Yale Peabody Museum

With wonders such as the near complete Apatosaurus, also known as Brontosaurus, and “home to Rudolph Zallinger’s famous mural The Age of Reptiles,” The Yale Peabody Museum’s Great Hall of Dinosaurs is another stop the dinosaur lover will want to make while in Connecticut. As you wander the halls you will also come across a stegosaurus, an Archelon, “the largest species of turtle ever known,” and pieces of petrified wood.

Contact them: www.peabody.yale.edu or call 203.432.5050

Location: Yale University is located in the Science Hill section of the Yale campus, at Whitney Avenue and Sachem Street in New Haven, Connecticut.

Admission: $7 for adults over 18, $6 for seniors over 65, and $5 children 3-18

Hours: Monday-Saturday from 10:00-5:00 and Sunday from 12:00-5:00

The Bruce Museum

Put on your paleontology hat and see what you can discover at The Bruce Museum’s Digging for Dinosaurs exhibition going on now through July, 26. “Scrape away to free cast dinosaur bones and other fossils in the hands-on excavation area,” build your own dinosaur on a touch screen, and see the way an artist reconstructs a dinosaur’s appearance.

Contact them : www.brucemuseum.org or call 203-869-0376

Location: one Museum drive, Greenwich, Connecticut

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10 am – 5 pm, Sunday 1 pm – 5 pm, Last admission 4:30pm

Admission: Adults $7.00, Students (5-22 w/valid ID) $6.00, Seniors (65 & up) $6.00, Museum members and children under 5 Free